NVMe-MI™ Integrators List

The NVMe-MI Integrator's List (IL) contains useful information about NVMe-MI Products that UNH-IOL has performed conformance testing for during an NVMe plugfest or through test reservations at our lab. Successful completion of such conformance tests provide a reasonable level of confidence that the Product Under Test will function properly in many NVMe-MI environments.

UNH-IOL is happy to be collaborating with the NVMe Organization on the creation and maintenance of the NVMe-MI Integrators List. More information on NVMe Products can be found at nvmexpress.org/products.

NVMe-MI™ Integrator's List v7.0

NVMe-MI Devices

Product Product Type Firmware Version Interop Program Revision Date Listed Further Info
Samsung NVMe 172X Series NVMe SSD GPNAuB3Q v7.0 6/27/2017 samsung.com
MiKyeong Kang [mkkang.kang@samsung.com]