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Community Projects

The UNH-IOL is a member of the Linux Foundation and participates in multiple Linux Foundation Networking and Linux Foundation Edge projects, such as OPNFV, ONAP, and Akraino.

Lab as a Service

We host the LFN Lab as a Service (LaaS) project. We serve the LFN community, including projects such as OPNFV and ONAP. We host hardware that can be accessed by developers from the community.

Akraino Community Lab

We host hardware for the Akraino LF Edge project to provide a platform for testing and integration.

OVP Verified Lab

The UNH-IOL offers OVP verification of VNFs and NFVI through the OPNFV Verification Program.

We Work With You

We will also assist with your custom test needs outside the Plugfest schedules. With years of experience testing various data communications protocols and technologies, we can help with all your NFV and VNF testing needs.


In addition to supporting the current efforts to assist in the OPNFV testing we have extensive knowledge and technical expertise in the Enterprise and Data Center technology areas. If you have further test needs in Ethernet Technologies, Ethernet Switching Protocols, IPv6, and OpenFlow and Routing Protocols we can help.

Please contact Lincoln Lavoie for more information.

Membership Fees

No annual membership options exist for this test service. Please view our Pay Per Test Fees instead.

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Lincoln Lavoie
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