PCIe Testing Services

Companies can verify the conformance of their products to both 3.0 and 4.0 PCIe specifications. By performing conformance tests on PCIe products submitted by member companies, the laboratory's experienced technical team frees in-house engineers from the time-consuming burden of testing each individual PCIe lane - a task which often requires multiple rounds of evaluation. Upon completion, our official reports can be used to show customers that a product has passed all the PCIe tests performed at a neutral third party facility.

Test Solutions For:

  • PCIe Protocol Conformance
  • PCIe Electrical Receiver Conformance
  • PCIe Electrical Transceiver Conformance
  • PCIe Interoperability
  • OCP NIC 3.0 (Gen3 and Gen4) Conformance

All of our memberships include debugging and re-testing as well as testing for more than one device. Memberships are billed as a one-time fee that includes 12 months of testing. 

We also offer interop testing for NVMe hosts and devices, helping products to qualify for the NVMe Integrators List.

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