Fast Ethernet Testing Services Equipment

Switches and Routers

Make Model MAC MakeMAC Model PHY MakePHY Model Quantity
3Com Corp. 3036 Marvell88E6060-RCJ Marvell88E6060-RCJ 1
3Com Corp. 3040 Router BroadcomBCM5325EKQM BroadcomBCM5325EKQM 1
3Com Corp. 3C595 Rev D 3Com Parllel Tasking94485S 9216540 National SemiconductorS9452ADE4 1
3Com Corp. 3C905B 3com40-0483-001 3com40-0483-001 1
3Com Corp. 3C905CX-TX 1
3Com Corp. 3C905CX-TXM 3Com40-0664-002 SST MPF 90-4C NH 2
3Com Corp. 3C905TX 3Com Parallel Tasking40-0336-004 National ES9747AT 1
3Com Corp. 3CNJ95 5-Port Switch Marvell88E6051 2
3Com Corp. Corebuilder 3500 100BASE-TX 3COM ETA 10001092Lucent M-1291G Level One9743 DSE8 1
3Com Corp. LinkBuilder FMS 100 100BASE-TX National SemiconductorDP83223V 1
3Com Corp. Linkswitch 1000 3Com Brasica/MACAT&T 1242F 3Com Brasica/PHYAT&T 1053AS 1
3Com Corp. NJ225FX 1
3Com Corp. NJ225FX IntelliJack 2
3Com Corp. OfficeConnect Cable/DSL Router 3C858-91 InfineonADM5120 InfineonADM5120 1
3Com Corp. Super Stack II switch 3300 3Com Brasica/QmacLucent 1285J2 Broadcom BCM5208 KPF 1
3Com Corp. SuperStack 3900 Level One9749 DSE8 1
3Com Corp. SuperStack II 3300 SM 3Com GEDI 980 7495-000-027-2 1
3Com Corp. SuperStack II 3300 TM 3ComGEDI 980 7495-000-027-2 INACCESSIBLE 1
3Com Corp. SuperStack II 4900 3ComJaguar-3Qmac Lucent M-1284H BroadcomBCM5400KTB 1
Adaptec, Inc. ANA 6911A/TX Digital21143-PA 21-44085-10 ICSICS1890Y 9642 ANE609144 2
ADMtek Incorporated 6609 demo R.02 ADMtekADM6609 ADMtekADM6609 1
ADMtek Incorporated ADM5106 AdmtekADM5106 AdmtekADM5106 1
ADMtek Incorporated ADM6995 Version A1 ADMtekADM6995 A10238 1
Advanced Micro Devices, Inc. PCnet-FAST +/Level One 10/100 Ethernet Magic Packet AMD Pcnet-Fast +AM79C972KC Level One 9717 DSQ6 1
Advanced Micro Devices, Inc. PCnet-Fast III LT AM79C975KCM3305 YO AM79C975KCM3305 YO 1
Anritsu Corporation Multiflow 5024 AnritsuAC288BBP MPRE BroadcomBCM5208 KPF CT9935C2 2005 1
Arrowpoint Communications CS-100 Altera Flex EPF6016QC240-C Level One9812 DSE8 1
Atan Technology, Inc. AT8989P Switch A4 Version AtanAT8989P 1
Atan Technology, Inc. ATAN AT8989P AtanAT8989P 1
Avocent Corporation DSR 1021 IBM Power PC405EP IntelLXT972ALC 1
Axis Communications PrintPoint 560 SMCFeast QualityQS6612 1
Bay Networks, Inc. 5000 (chassis) 2
Bay Networks, Inc. 5625 SEEQQQ84301/A Level One 9812 DSE8 1
Bay Networks, Inc. 5665 10/100 Desktop Sw NetlCs 03-0001-01 Level One 9743DSE8 1
Bay Networks, Inc. 58000 Ethernet Switch SynopticsEPIC 118-041-B National DP83223V 1
Bay Networks, Inc. BayStack 204 BroadcomBCM5205 PCAEPF8066SM 1
Bay Networks, Inc. BayStack 301 SEEQQQ84C300A SEEQNQ80C25 1
Bay Networks, Inc. BayStack 304 Texas Instruments118-00119-A Crystal LAN/10Mb PHYCS8904-CM5 1
Bay Networks, Inc. BayStack 350F NetlCs 83G75EF0020 National DP83223V DP83840AVCE 1
Bay Networks, Inc. Baystack 450-12F Bay Networks30218-A BroadcomBCM5208 KPF 1
Bay Networks, Inc. Baystack 450-24T Switch Bay Networks302128-A BroadcomBCM5208 1
Bay Networks, Inc. Centillion SEEQQQ84301 ICS1890Y 1
Broadcom Corp. 5665 BroadcomBCM5665KPB BroadcomBCM5421SA2KPF 1
Broadcom Corp. BCM 94402 BroadcomBCM4402KQL BroadcomBCM4402KQL 1
Broadcom Corp. BCM53242 BroadcomBCM53242MKPB BroadcomBCM53242MKPB 1
Broadcom Corp. BCM5325E BroadcomBCM5325EKQM BroadcomBCM5325EKQM 1
Broadcom Corp. BCM5348 BroadcomBCM5348 BroadcomBCM5348 1
Broadcom Corp. BCM56018 BroadcomBCM5248UA2KQM 1
Broadcom Corp. BCM953118 1
Broadcom Corp. BCM953118R8G 1
Broadcom Corp. BCM953286R 1
Broadcom Corp. BCM95385 Broadcom Corp.BCM5385KPB 1
Broadcom Corp. BCM95388 BroadcomBCM5461 BroadcomBCM5385KPB 1
Broadcom Corp. BCM956648K 1
Broadcom Corp. BCM956820K24XG-02 1
Broadcom Corp. BCM956820K24XG-02 BCM56820 1
Broadcom Corp. BCM958525K_NSP_A0 BCM53025 1
Broadcom Corp. Broadcom BCM953128 1
Broadcom Corp. Gigabit Ethernet BCM953115 Switch BCM953115 2
Cabletron Systems, Inc Cabletron FastNet 100 SMCFeast 91C100QF National Semiconductor DP83223V 1
Cabletron Systems, Inc MMAC SmartSwitch National SemiconductorDP83223V 1
Cabletron Systems, Inc TRRMIM-4AT PN 9000648-01 REV: A 1
Cabletron Systems, Inc Yago Switch 1
Canoga Perkins Corporation EdgeAccess 9135 GalileoGT-48002A-P-2 ICS1890Y 1
Cicada Semiconductor Corp. VN0037A1 N/AN/A Via280A1 1
Cisco Systems C4500 4000 1
Cisco Systems Catalyst 2948G-L3 Broadcom BCM5208 KPF 1
Cisco Systems Catalyst 5000 5020 10BaseT 1
Cisco Systems Catalyst 5000 5111 100FX LSI L1A9721 1
Cisco Systems Catalyst 5000 5213A LSIL1A9721 National SemiconductorDP83223V 1
Cisco Systems Catalyst 5505 WS-C5008B 1
Cisco Systems Catalyst 5505 WS-X5225R Cisco Systems08-0186-01 BroadcomBCM5208 1
Cisco Systems Catalyst 5505 WS-X5530 PhillipsSCN68681C1A44 FDT7024 S55PF 1
Cisco Systems Catalyst WS-X4818-RJ CiscoL2B0836 BroadcomBCM5208 KPF 1
Cisco Systems Catalyst WS-X5224 LSIL2A0291 IntelS82555 1
Cisco Systems Cisco AS5300 Series Digital21140-AB National SemiconductorES9652ALC4 1
Cisco Systems CloudCR WS-X4648-RJ45V-E 1
Cisco Systems CloudCR+ WS-X4648-RJ45V+E 1
Cisco Systems EdisonCR 1
Cisco Systems Porter Sierra 1
Cisco Systems Porter Sierra 24 COOL 1
Cisco Systems Spiderwoman WS-C4948E 1
Cisco Systems Supervisor Engine 5000 STMicroelectronicsMK68901Q-04 Micro Linear ML6673CQ 1
Cisco Systems Tiban WS-X4748-RJ45V+E 1
Cisco Systems TibanCR WS-X4748-RJ45V+E 1
Cisco Systems WS-C4003 1
Cisco Systems WS-X4012 NEC9934EX010 1
Cisco Systems WS-X4506-GB-T 1
Cisco Systems ws-x4548-gb-rj45 1
Cisco Systems WS-X4548-GB-RJ45V MarvellUnknown 2
Cisco Systems WS-X4920-GS-RJ45 WS-X4920-GS-RJ45 1
Cisco Systems WS-X6748-GE-TX 48 Port Switching Module 1
Compaq Computer Corporation Dual Speed SW3322 Digital21440-AC Level OneLXT9700C 1
Compaq Computer Corporation Netelligent 1108 100BASE-TX National SemiconductorDP83223V 1
Compaq Computer Corporation Netelligent 5226A LSIL2A0923 Level One9741 DSQ8 1
Compaq Computer Corporation SW3324 IntelDC11075E Level OneLXT975AHC 1
D-Link Systems, Inc. D-Link ES535M 100Base-FX RJ Fiber Module N/A N/A 1
Digital Equipment Corporation DE500 Digital21140 Level One9451 FAAB 1
Digital Equipment Corporation EtherWORKS DELXR-A3 MXMX98741FC Not AvailableNot Available 1
Digital Equipment Corporation EtherWORKS Switch 2TTX DEL2X-A3 1
Extreme Networks Summit 24E3 N/AN/A BroadcomBCM5228 1
Extreme Networks Summit 48i Rev. 3 N/AN/A BroacomBCM5218KTB 1
Extreme Networks Summit 48i1 BroadcomBCM5228BA5KPB LSIInferno L2C1201 1
Grand Junction Networks FastSwitch 10/100 AG Texas Instruments ICS1890PR1 1
Hewlett Packard Corp. A5838-60001 Digital21143-TD DC1096B Level One9901 DSS8 LXT970ATC 1
Hewlett Packard Corp. A5838-6001 Digital21154-AB Level One9901 DS58 LXT970ATC 1
Hewlett Packard Corp. AdvanceStack Hub-8E AMDAM79C982-8JC AMDAM79C982-8JC 1
Hewlett Packard Corp. AdvanceStack Switch 100Base-T Module HP J3191A 1
Hewlett Packard Corp. AdvanceStack Switch 100VG Module HP J3103A 1
Hewlett Packard Corp. AdvanceStack Switch 2000 1
Hewlett Packard Corp. Advancestack Switch 224T GalileoGT-48001A-M-3 AMDAM79C988AJC 1
Hewlett Packard Corp. Advancestack Switch 800T Texas Instruments875525 ICS189Y 1
Hewlett Packard Corp. FlexFabric 5900CP 5900CP-48XG-4QSFP+ 1
Hewlett Packard Corp. JetDirect 10/100Base-T Texas InstrumentsF642946APCM Level One9702 DSM6 1
Hewlett Packard Corp. Procurve 5308 1
Hewlett Packard Enterprise Networking 212M Switch Level One9742 DSE8 1
Hewlett Packard Enterprise Networking 2910al-24G-PoE+ J9146A 1
Hewlett Packard Enterprise Networking 3500YL-48G-POE Switch J3911A 1
Hewlett Packard Enterprise Networking Lager 2620 1
Hewlett Packard Enterprise Networking Procurve 2510 24-Port Switch BroadcomBCM5324MKPBG BroadcomBCM5324MKPBG 2
Hewlett Packard Enterprise Networking Procurve 5308xl 1
Hewlett Packard Enterprise Networking ProCurve Switch 2510-48 J9020A INACCESSIBLE INACCESSIBLE 1
IBM Corp. 10/100 PCI EtherJet w/ Wake-On-Lan S82557L7045223 SL24Z LSIL2A0525 1
IBM Corp. 8271 Kalpana10505-00 Level OneLXT901PC 1
IBM Corp. 8275-324 MMC NetworksPS1002PD1C BroadcomBCM5208 KPF 1
IBM Corp. 8275-416 N/AN/A N/AN/A 1
Infineon-ADMtek Co., Ltd. ADM6692F AB InfineonAMD6992F 1
Intel Corporation 82571EB DUAL PORT 1
Intel Corporation Express 330T Level OneLXT980QC 1
Intel Corporation Express 410F Not AvailableNot Available Not AvailableNot Available 1
Intel Corporation Express 420T IntelLXT9781HC B2 1
Intel Corporation InBusiness 8-Port 10/100 Fast Hub N/AN/A BroadcomBMC202 KPF 1
Intel Corporation InBusiness SH101TX 16XX N/AN/A N/AN/A 1
Intel Corporation Intel Denmark 520 T Custom Microlinear ML 6673CQ 1
Intel Corporation Intel Express 220T IntelS82555AC 1
Intel Corporation Intel Express 535T 22 Port switch N/A BroadcomBCM5218KTB 1
Intel Corporation Intel Express 550F switch IntelL7258010 1
Intel Corporation PILA8465 LSIL5A4242 National SemiconductorFS9512AKE4 1
Intel Corporation PRO/1000MT Intel0320 F622021.7 Intel0320 F622021.7 1
Intel Corporation SOHO-16DX N/AN/A Level OneLXT9883HC 1
InterOperability Laboratory Topsearch TS-M-8VOC DA82562ET 1
ITT Corp. LNE100TX 5
ITT Corp. Pro Desktop 1
Kendin Communications, Inc. KS8995 KendinKS8995E 1
Level One Communications, Inc. LXD980 Level OneLXT980QC 2
Level One Communications, Inc. LXT980 Level OneLXT980QC 1
LiteOn Lite Speed LF560B (Clause 28) Digital21140-AB DC1010CA 21-40673-02 MysonMTD214Q 1
LiteOn LiteSpeed 100 12 Port TX Hub N/AN/A N/AML6673CQ 1
Lucent Technologies Cajun P220FE Intell21440-AD Broadcom BCM5208 KPF CT0002C2 4198 1
Lucent Technologies Cajun P550 Routing Switch M5501R-SUP Nortel NS842AJ 1
Macronix America, Inc. MX98715AEC MacronixMX98715AEC MacronixMX98715AEC 1
Marvell Semiconductor, Inc. Yukon FE Plus 88E8040 Marvell88E8040 1
Matsushita Electric Works, Ltd. S8F 1
Micrel Semiconductor, Inc. KS8695 Demo board KendinKS8695X 1
Micrel, Inc. 8895 8895 Evaluation board 1
Microsoft Corporation EV4D 1
Microsoft Corporation Tuscany EVT7 2
Nortel Networks 10/100 8348TX 1
Nortel Networks 3510-24T BroadcomBCM5464R 1
Nortel Networks BayStack 350F-HD NetICs03-0001-0183G75EF0020 1
Nortel Networks BayStack 450-24T Broadcom5920KPB Nortel NetworksNS201 1
Nortel Networks BS470048T Baystack N/AN/A BroadcomBCM5464KRB 1
Nortel Networks BS70-24T N/A BroadcomBCM5208KPF 1
Nortel Networks Costco BS70-16T AllayerAL116 BroadcomBCM5208 1
Nortel Networks ERS 4550T-PWR N/AN/A N/AN/A 1
Nortel Networks ERS 5632 FD 1
Nortel Networks ERS 5650 TD-PWR 1
Nortel Networks ERS 5698 TFD 1
Nortel Networks Falcon 24T LSIL2A1500 BroadcomBCM5215KPF 1
Nortel Networks Passport 1424T 1
Osicom Technologies, Inc. 2404 PCI QuadPort Digital21154-AB IntelSB82558B L918EA56 1
Panasonic Eco Solutions Networks, Co., Ltd. Panasonic Switch-M16eGPWR+ PN24160 1
Panasonic Eco Solutions Networks, Co., Ltd. S16G PN24160K 1
Panasonic Eco Solutions Networks, Co., Ltd. Switch-M12eGPWR+ PN 28129-NF 1
Panasonic Eco Solutions Networks, Co., Ltd. Switch-M8eGPWR+ PN 28089 1
Panasonic Eco Solutions Networks, Co., Ltd. Switch-S8G Switch-S8G 1
Performance Technologies, Inc. Nebula 8000 XilinxXC4005XL Crystal LANCS8952-CQ EP 2
Ralink Technology Corp. AP-RT3052 RT3052 3
Ralink Technology Corp. Ralink AP RT305x RT3052 6
Realtek Semiconductor Corp. 8 Port Switch Rev 2.0 RealtekRTL8308 RealtekRTL8204 1
Realtek Semiconductor Corp. PCIe GBE Controller RTL8111D 1
Realtek Semiconductor Corp. Realtek RTL8103EL-GR RTL8103EL-GR RTL8103ELRTL8103EL 1
Realtek Semiconductor Corp. RTL8100 RealtekRTL8100 RealtekRTL8100 1
Realtek Semiconductor Corp. RTL8100B RealtekRTL8100B 24199SE 1
Realtek Semiconductor Corp. RTL8103EL 1
Realtek Semiconductor Corp. RTL8103EL-GR 1
Realtek Semiconductor Corp. RTL8111C-VC-GR/RTL8168C-VC-GR RealtekRTL8111C-VC-GR RealtekRTL8111C-VC-GR 1
Realtek Semiconductor Corp. RTL8111DL-GR 2
Realtek Semiconductor Corp. RTL8139B RTL8139B94426SE RTL8139B94426SE 1
Realtek Semiconductor Corp. RTL8201 RealtekRTL8201BL 1
Realtek Semiconductor Corp. RTL8201DL RealtekRTL8201DL RealtekRTL8201DL 1
Realtek Semiconductor Corp. RTL8201E(L) RTL8201E(L) RealtekRTL8201EL 1
Realtek Semiconductor Corp. RTL8201F(E)_QFN32_Demo Board RTL8201F(E)_QFN32 1
Realtek Semiconductor Corp. RTL8201F(E)_QFN32_Demo_Board RTL8201E 1
Realtek Semiconductor Corp. RTL8201FL RTL8201FL 1
Realtek Semiconductor Corp. RTL8208B Ver.C Fast Ethernet Octal PHYceiver RealtekRTL8326 RealtekRTL8208B 1
Realtek Semiconductor Corp. RTL8306E RTL8306E 1
Realtek Semiconductor Corp. RTL8309N_DEMO_V1.0(2012.02.05)#1,#2,#3 RTL8309N_DEMO_V1.0 3
Realtek Semiconductor Corp. RTL8324D/S_RTL8208D_DB_V1.1 RTL8324E D2A78GE/GD10 3
Realtek Semiconductor Corp. RTL8366SB DEMO BOARD P4L V1.0 1
Realtek Semiconductor Corp. RTL8367M-VB 5 Port Gigabit Switch RTL8367M-VB 1
Realtek Semiconductor Corp. RTL8367RB RTL8367RB-LQFP128 P4L V2.0 1
Realtek Semiconductor Corp. RTL8367RB-VB LQFP-128 DEMO BOARD P4L-V2.0_CP4L2C-86 RTL8367RB-VB LQFP-128 1
Realtek Semiconductor Corp. RTL8376 RTL8218 Demoboard P4L V1.0 #11 1
Realtek Semiconductor Corp. RTL8376_RTL8218_Demo_Board_P2L_V2.0 RTL8376_RTL8218_Demo_Board_P2L_V2.0 Gigabit Switch 1
Realtek Semiconductor Corp. RTL8382L_24G_Demo_V1.0_#11 RTL8382L_Demo_V1.0_#11 1
SEEQ Technology, Inc. DEC 21153 1
SGS Thomson Microelectronics STE 10/100 NIC Card (Rev. 0A) 2
SMC Networks TigerHub 100 1
SMC Networks TigerStack 100 5300-NMU BELFEAST 91C100QF ICS1890Y 1
SMC Networks TigerStack 100 5324TX National SemiconductorDP83840VCE National SemiconductorDP83223V 1
SMSC LAN89530AM Rev A Assy 6663A 1
SMSC LAN9500 1
SMSC SMSC LAN9420 Rev B board LAN9420 Rev B board SMSCLAN-9420-NU 1
Solarflare Communications, Inc. Starbolt SFN4111T 1
ST Microelectronics STE10/100A V501 A3P ST MicroelectronicsSTE10/100A 1
Standard Microsystems Corp. 9332BDT-N Digital21140-AC DC1036DA 21-43864-01 National SemiconductorES9630DVC4 DP83840VCE 1
Standard Microsystems Corp. 9332DBT DigitalDC1036DA National SemiconductorET9618BRC4 1
Standard Microsystems Corp. 9332DST DigitalDC1010BA MicroLinearML6671CQ 1
Standard Microsystems Corp. 9432TX SMC83C170QF QualityQS6612 3
Standard Microsystems Corp. Ether Power 9332DST Digital21140 DC1010BA 21-40673-01 MicrolinearML6671ICQ 944211P16BM 1
Standard Microsystems Corp. EtherPower 9332BDT-N digital21140-AC digital21140-AC 1
Standard Microsystems Corp. EZ Hub 100 5208TX QualityQS6611 1
Standard Microsystems Corp. LAN9500 Rev C Assy 6555 Rev B 1
Standard Microsystems Corp. Tiger Switch UnknownUnknown AMDAM79C940AVC 1
Standard Microsystems Corp. TigerStack 100 5312TX National SemiconductorsDP83840AVCE National SemiconductorsDP83223V 1
Sun Microsystems Corona Project Not visibleNot visible Lucent 6612 1
Sun Microsystems CP1400 Processor Mod Altera EPF8820ATC-144-4 UnknownUnknown 1
Sun Microsystems SunSwift PCI Adapter Intel21152-AB National Semiconductors ES9912AH 1
Sun Microsystems Unknown UnknownUnknown Level One9907 DF58 1
Symbios Logic SYM23800 Symbios Logic53C885 National SemiconductorES9636FFC4 1
SynOptics Communications, Inc. 28115 1
Tellabs Module 1
Texas Instruments, Inc. ThunderLan 100 with Physical Layer Device TITLAN TNETE100PCE ICS1890Y 1
Vanguard Managed Solutions, LLC 7730 Multiple Access Router 1
Western Digital Corp. Western Digital My Net N900 Central 2
World Wide Packets LE-311v AlteraCyclone IntelLXT9785HC 1
World Wide Packets Lightning Edge 311 MototrolaXPC855TZP504D IntelLXT9785HC 1
World Wide Packets Lightning Edge LE-211 1
World Wide Packets Lightning Edge LE-36 Level OneLXT9785HC 1
World Wide Packets LightningEdge 46 UnknownUnknown IntelLXT9785HC 1
XLNT Designs, Inc. Millennium 4000 10/100 Ethernet SMSC FEASTLAN91C100FDQFP NationalDP8384BVJE 1


Make Model MAC MakeMAC Model PHY MakePHY Model Quantity
Adhoc Technologies, Inc. AH101L Ali9944NI 2
Agilent Technologies Agilent Transciever Module HFBR 57E0AP 1
Altima Communications Inc. Altima Communications AC104Z Altera FlexEDF10K30AQC208-1 NetPHY-4LXAm79C878KC 1
Broadcom Corp. BCM5201 BroadcomBCM5201 KPT 1
Broadcom Corp. BCM95221D BroadcomBCM5221AKPT 1
Enable Semiconductor, Inc. 3V EL40C331V Enable3VSingle 1
Faraday Technology Corp. FSCOHD168AA FSCOHD168AA 2
Hewlett Packard Corp. J3192A ICS189OY 1
Hewlett Packard Corp. J3192B N/AN/A ICS189OY 1
Hewlett Packard Corp. J3192B 1
IMC Networks QuickCeiver 100Base-X Micro Transceiver Level OneLXT1000 1
Intel Corporation 82555 MII Evaluation Board N/AN/A IntelS82555 L7053378 1
Kendin Communications, Inc. KS8999 KendinKS8999 1234A2 1
LANCAST, Inc. 6211 AK9524ATC4 1
LANCAST, Inc. 6211 Transceiver NationalDP83223V 1
LANCAST, Inc. 6214 Level One9717 DSQ6 1
LANCAST, Inc. 6224 Level One9717 DSQ6 LXT970QC 1
LANCAST, Inc. MT-RJ Level One9717 DSQ6 LXT970QC 1
Lucent Technologies FastCat LucentLU3X31T-T64 1
Lucent Technologies LUC3X54F N/AN/A LucentM-3X54V1 1
Mitel Networks Corporation NWK933C MitelNWK933C 1
Mitel Networks Corporation NWK933D MitelNWK933D 1
National Semiconductor DP83849 Dual PHYTER Demo board Nat SemiVM57ES 1
National Semiconductor Phyter 980011083-100 1
Realtek Semiconductor Corp. RLE0277 RLE0277 2
Realtek Semiconductor Corp. RTL8201_1.1 RealtekRTL8201 1
SEEQ Technology, Inc. 80221 N/AN/A SEEQLQ80221/F 1
SEEQ Technology, Inc. 80223 TP N/AN/A LSI68032A1 1
SEEQ Technology, Inc. SEEQ 80220 SeeqNQ80220/D 1
SMSC LAN8710 MII CRB-7169AZ-A00 1
SMSC LAN89303 2
Teridian Semiconductor Corp. 78Q2123A07 TDK78Q2123 1
Teridian Semiconductor Corp. Teridian D2123N9E1 D2123N9E1 Teridian7802133 1
Texas Instruments, Inc. DP83630 Demo Board 1
Texas Instruments, Inc. Evaluations Part# T1.0 N/AN/A Texas InstrumentsF741800P AG/AX 1
Trendchip Technologies Corp. TC2104SA TC2104SA 1
Valens Semiconductor VS100TX-A0 5PLAY 1
Via Technologies, Inc. VT5352A N/AN/A VIAVT6103 1
Via Technologies, Inc. VT5352B N/AN/A VIAVT6103 1

Testing Equipment

Make Model MAC MakeMAC Model PHY MakePHY Model Quantity
Fluke Networks 89 IV True RMS Multimeter 1
Hewlett Packard Corp. DC Power Supply E3610A 5
Keysight Technologies 8712B - Network Analyzer 1
Keysight Technologies Agilent infiniium MSO8104A 1
Keysight Technologies ENA Series Network Analyzer E5061A 1
Ralink Technology Corp. TC6508 (Daughter Board) TC6508 (Daughter Board) 1
Ralink Technology Corp. TC6508 TC6508 1
Spirent Communications GX-1420B 4
Spirent Communications ML-5710 A 3
Spirent Communications ML-7710 11
Spirent Communications ML-7711 2
Spirent Communications SmartBits 200 9
Spirent Communications SMB10 1
Spirent Communications SMB2000 1
Spirent Communications SX-7210 10
Spirent Communications SX-7410B 21
Spirent Communications SX-7411 2
Tektronix Inc. AWG 2020 1
Tektronix Inc. AWG 2041 2
Tektronix Inc. AWG 2041 AWG 2041 1
Tektronix Inc. AWG2021 1
Tektronix Inc. DMM249 1
Tektronix Inc. TDS 7104 1
Tektronix Inc. Tektronix DSA 602A 1

End Stations

Make Model MAC MakeMAC Model PHY MakePHY Model Quantity
ADMtek Incorporated ADM5120 AB0321 ADMtekADM5120 AB0321 ADMtekADM5120 AB0321 1
ADMtek Incorporated ADM7001 ADMTEKADM6996F 1
ADMtek Incorporated Samurai ADM6996LC AB InfineonADM6996LC InfineonADM6996LC 1
Altera Corporation Stratix II GX PCIe 6XX-400007R-0D AlteraStratix II GX 1
Altera Corporation Stratix II GX PCIe 6XX-400007R-0F AlteraStratix II GX 1
Arasan Chip Systems Express Rev 1.0 XILINXVIRTEX-4 VitesseSimpl iPHY 1
Axis Communications 250s 1
Axis Communications 5900 Network Print Server BroadcomBCM5221A4KPT 1
Axis Communications 83 Device Server Platform 1
Blue Coat Systems, Inc. 810-4 1
Bosch Security Systems, Inc. B Series B4512/B5512 SMSCLAN8720A 1
Bosch Security Systems, Inc. B Series B5512 1
Broadcom Corp. BCM54610 1
Broadcom Corp. BCM54616 BCM54616 2
Broadcom Corp. BCM56220 BroadcomBCM5703CKHB LinearLT1764 1
Broadcom Corp. BCM911107EVM 1
Broadcom Corp. BCM95464T4 rev A0 BroadcomBCM5464RA1KFB 1
Broadcom Corp. Broadcom Corp. BCM54380 1
Broadcom Corp. Broadcom Corp. BCM54382 BO 1
Broadcom Corp. Broadcom Corp. BCM54880EB1 2
Digi International Connect ME Int Kit 1
Faraday Technology Corp. FSA0AC076BA N/AN/A FaradayFSA0AC076BA 1
Faraday Technology Corp. FSP0AE009AA 1
Hewlett Packard Corp. HP Photosmart Premium Officejet Pro L7780 1
Hewlett Packard Corp. HP Printer HP Color Laserjet CP2020 1
Hewlett Packard Corp. Naples Plus HP Officejet 5500 1
Hewlett Packard Corp. Naples Premium ENVY 8000 e-All-in-One Printer series 1
Hewlett Packard Corp. Paris (Amphenol Magnetics) 1
Hewlett Packard Corp. Paris (UDEC Magnetics) 1
IBM Corp. DP Appliance Fast Ethernet Clone 1
Intel Corporation Intel 82578 – Hanksville_D 1
Keysight Technologies Remote Processor Card LSI LogicL6A0017 netPHYAM79C874VC 1
Level One Communications, Inc. LXD9763 Level OneLXT9763HC 1
Level One Communications, Inc. LXT970 Digital21-44085-11 Level OneDSQ6 LXT970QC 1
Marvell Semiconductor, Inc. 88E1340 1
Micrel Semiconductor, Inc. KS8995M KendinKS8995M 1
Micrel, Inc. KSZ8041NL MicrelKSZ8041NL 1
Microsemi SITSMAC-SF2 1
Microsoft Corporation Xbox 360 NIC board F1E_F2_F1 Demo Board AtherosAR8012-BG1A 1
National Semiconductor DP83849 Dual Phyter Demo II National SemiconductorDP838491VS 2
Ralink Technology Corp. rt2101m TC6501M 1
Ralink Technology Corp. RT63365 RT63365 1
Realtek Semiconductor Corp. Demo board RTL8111E 1
Realtek Semiconductor Corp. RTL8105E EVAL Board V100 1
Realtek Semiconductor Corp. RTL8111DP-GR Demo Board RTL8111DP 1
Realtek Semiconductor Corp. RTL8111E_VL Demo Board 1
Realtek Semiconductor Corp. RTL8214B Demo Board P2L V1.0 #34 1
Realtek Semiconductor Corp. RTL8214B Demo Board P2L V1.0 #35 1
Realtek Semiconductor Corp. RTL8214B DEMO-BOARD-P2L-V1.0 #47 1
Realtek Semiconductor Corp. RTL8305SC 5-Port Switch RealtekRTL8305SC RealtekRTL8305SC 1
SMSC LAN7500 Rev B Assy 6588 1
SMSC LAN8740 Assy 6693 1
SMSC LAN88710AM Assy 7162AZ SMSCLAN8710 1
SMSC LAN89218 Rev A LAN89218 Rev A Assembly 6519 SMSCLAN89218AQ 1
SMSC LAN9221 Rev A Assembly 6527 1
SMSC LAN9500 Rev B Assembly 6514 Rev B 1
Solarflare Communications, Inc. SFN5121T 1
ST Microelectronics Ethernet PHY_C40_rev.C 4
Standard Microsystems Corp. LAN83C185-JD SMSCLAN83C185-JD 1
Sun Microsystems Netra T1 SunSME2300BGA lucentLU3?X31T2-T64 2
Texas Instruments, Inc. Ethernet Phy TLK100 REV1 1
Trendchip Technologies Corp. TC2104SA TestBD-V1.0 TrendchipUG0833 1
Trendchip Technologies Corp. TC3162LE E14 Ver. 1.0A TrendchipIQ128G 1
Valens Semiconductor VS100RX 1
Valens Semiconductor VS100RX-A0 5PLAY 1
Vitesse Semiconductor Corp. 8664 Enzo RevA Copper PHY 1
Western Digital Corp. My Book Live Duo WDBVHT0060JCH 2
Xerox Corporation Xerox Balsa Xerox Balsa ICS1893AFLF 1