Fast Ethernet Testing Services Equipment

100Base-Tx Network Interface Cards

MakeModel MAC MakeMAC Model PHY MakePHY Model Platform OSDriver Version
3Com Corp.3C595 Rev D 3Com Parllel Tasking94485S 9216540 National SemiconductorS9452ADE4
3Com Corp.3C905-TX 3Com Parallel Tasking40-0336-004 National ES9736AF
3Com Corp.3C905B 3com40-0483-001 3com40-0483-001
3Com Corp.3C905CX-TX
3Com Corp.3C905CX-TXM 3Com40-0664-002 SST MPF 90-4C NH
3Com Corp.3C905TX 3Com Parallel Tasking40-0336-004 National ES9747AT
Adaptec, Inc.ANA 6911A/TX Digital21143-PA 21-44085-10 ICSICS1890Y 9642 ANE609144
Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.PCnet-FAST +/Level One 10/100 Ethernet Magic Packet AMD Pcnet-Fast +AM79C972KC Level One 9717 DSQ6
Axis CommunicationsPrintPoint 560 SMCFeast QualityQS6612
Broadcom Corp.BCM 94402 BroadcomBCM4402KQL BroadcomBCM4402KQL
Cicada Semiconductor Corp.VN0037A1 N/AN/A Via280A1
Davicom Semiconductor, Inc.DM 9102F DavicomDM9102F DavicomDM9102F
Davicom Semiconductor, Inc.DM9101F Digital21140-AE DavicomDM9101F
Davicom Semiconductor, Inc.DM9111F Digital21140-AF DavicomDM9111F
Digital Equipment CorporationDE500-BA Digital21143-PC Micro Linear Corp.ML6694CQ
Fujitsu Network Communications, Inc.10/100 NIC Level One9737 DSQ8 LXT970QC
Fujitsu Network Communications, Inc.NIC Eval Board 06479-002 Level One9737 DSQ8 LXT970QC
Hewlett Packard Corp.A5838-60001 Digital21143-TD DC1096B Level One9901 DSS8 LXT970ATC
Hewlett Packard Corp.A5838-6001 Digital21154-AB Level One9901 DS58 LXT970ATC
Intel Corporation82571EB DUAL PORT
Intel CorporationEtherExpress Pro100 LSIL5A4242 National SemiconductorFS9518AGE4 DP83223V
Intel CorporationIntel PRO/100 M Desktop Adapter with 82551QM Silicon ATMELAT49BV512 Intel82551QM
Intel CorporationPILA8465 LSIL5A4242 National SemiconductorFS9512AKE4
Intel CorporationPRO/1000MT Intel0320 F622021.7 Intel0320 F622021.7
Keysight TechnologiesN2533-66401 RMP4.0 Development Board LSI LogicL6A0084 NetPHYAM79C874VC
LiteOnLite Speed LF560B (Clause 28) Digital21140-AB DC1010CA 21-40673-02 MysonMTD214Q
Macronix America, Inc.MX98715AEC MacronixMX98715AEC MacronixMX98715AEC
Microsoft CorporationEV4D
Osicom Technologies, Inc.2404 PCI QuadPort Digital21154-AB IntelSB82558B L918EA56
Realtek Semiconductor Corp.8100 RMCRTL8100 0C206SE RMCRTL8100 0C206SE
Realtek Semiconductor Corp.8100C(L) RTL8100C
Realtek Semiconductor Corp.8139C RealtekRTL8139C RealtekRTL8139C
Realtek Semiconductor Corp.RTL8100 RealtekRTL8100 RealtekRTL8100
Realtek Semiconductor Corp.RTL8100C(L) RealtekRTL8100C 51303Q1 RealtekRTL8100C 51303Q1
Realtek Semiconductor Corp.RTL8100D(L) RealtekRTL8139D
Realtek Semiconductor Corp.RTL8139B RTL8139B94426SE RTL8139B94426SE
Realtek Semiconductor Corp.RTL8201CL/CP RealtekRTL8139C RealtekRTL8201CL
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.SC1200A-TX SECXFATM2-COMBO1-2 9801 ICS1892Y CN191245DH 9834
SEEQ Technology, Inc.81400 SIS900 SEEQQQ81400/A
ST MicroelectronicsSTE10/100A V501 A3P ST MicroelectronicsSTE10/100A
Standard Microsystems Corp.9332BDT-N Digital21140-AC DC1036DA 21-43864-01 National SemiconductorES9630DVC4 DP83840VCE
Standard Microsystems Corp.9332DBT DigitalDC1036DA National SemiconductorET9618BRC4
Standard Microsystems Corp.9332DST DigitalDC1010BA MicroLinearML6671CQ
Standard Microsystems Corp.9432TX SMC83C170QF QualityQS6612
Standard Microsystems Corp.Ether Power 9332DST Digital21140 DC1010BA 21-40673-01 MicrolinearML6671ICQ 944211P16BM
Standard Microsystems Corp.EtherPower 9332BDT-N digital21140-AC digital21140-AC
Sun MicrosystemsCorona Project Not visibleNot visible Lucent 6612
Sun MicrosystemsCP1400 Processor Mod Altera EPF8820ATC-144-4 UnknownUnknown
Sun MicrosystemsSunSwift PCI Adapter Intel21152-AB National Semiconductors ES9912AH
Sun MicrosystemsUnknown UnknownUnknown Level One9907 DF58
Symbios LogicSYM23800 Symbios Logic53C885 National SemiconductorES9636FFC4
Texas Instruments, Inc.ThunderLan 100 with Physical Layer Device TITLAN TNETE100PCE ICS1890Y

100Base-Tx Switches

MakeModel MAC MakeMAC Model PHY MakePHY Model Hardware Version Firmware Version
3Com Corp.3CNJ225FX-SC
3Com Corp.3CNJ95 5-Port Switch Marvell88E6051
3Com Corp.Linkswitch 1000 3Com Brasica/MACAT&T 1242F 3Com Brasica/PHYAT&T 1053AS 3.0
3Com Corp.NJ225FX
3Com Corp.NJ225FX IntelliJack
3Com Corp.Super Stack II switch 3300 3Com Brasica/QmacLucent 1285J2 Broadcom BCM5208 KPF 3c16981
3Com Corp.SuperStack II 4900 3ComJaguar-3Qmac Lucent M-1284H BroadcomBCM5400KTB
ADMtek Incorporated6609 demo R.02 ADMtekADM6609 ADMtekADM6609 N/A
ADMtek IncorporatedADM5106 AdmtekADM5106 AdmtekADM5106
ADMtek IncorporatedADM7008 AtanAT8989 ADMTekADM7008 Ver. A1
Agere SystemsET2008 AgereET2008 AgereET2008 Rev 3
Arrowpoint CommunicationsCS-100 Altera Flex EPF6016QC240-C Level One9812 DSE8
Atan Technology, Inc.AT8989P Switch A4 Version AtanAT8989P
Atan Technology, Inc.ATAN AT8989P AtanAT8989P
Avocent CorporationDSR 1021 IBM Power PC405EP IntelLXT972ALC Rev. A
Bay Networks, Inc.5625 SEEQQQ84301/A Level One 9812 DSE8
Bay Networks, Inc.5665 10/100 Desktop Sw NetlCs 03-0001-01 Level One 9743DSE8
Bay Networks, Inc.58000 Ethernet Switch SynopticsEPIC 118-041-B National DP83223V
Bay Networks, Inc.BayStack 204 BroadcomBCM5205 PCAEPF8066SM
Bay Networks, Inc.BayStack 301 SEEQQQ84C300A SEEQNQ80C25
Bay Networks, Inc.BayStack 304 Texas Instruments118-00119-A Crystal LAN/10Mb PHYCS8904-CM5
Bay Networks, Inc.Baystack 30X TITNETE2008APBE TITNETE2008APBE
Bay Networks, Inc.BayStack 350F NetlCs 83G75EF0020 National DP83223V DP83840AVCE
Bay Networks, Inc.Baystack 450-24T Switch Bay Networks302128-A BroadcomBCM5208
Bay Networks, Inc.Centillion SEEQQQ84301 ICS1890Y
Broadcom Corp.BCM53242 BroadcomBCM53242MKPB BroadcomBCM53242MKPB
Broadcom Corp.BCM5325E BroadcomBCM5325EKQM BroadcomBCM5325EKQM Revision 2
Broadcom Corp.BCM5348 BroadcomBCM5348 BroadcomBCM5348 Rev. P6
Broadcom Corp.BCM5398 BroadcomBCM5398KPB BroadcomBCM5398KPB BCM5398 A0
Broadcom Corp.BCM56018 BroadcomBCM5248UA2KQM
Broadcom Corp.BCM95324R24 BroadcomBCM5836KPB BroadcomBCM5324MKPB
Broadcom Corp.BCM95385 Broadcom Corp.BCM5385KPB
Broadcom Corp.BCM95388 BroadcomBCM5461 BroadcomBCM5385KPB N/A
Cabletron Systems, IncCabletron FastNet 100 SMCFeast 91C100QF National Semiconductor DP83223V
Cabletron Systems, IncMMAC SmartSwitch National SemiconductorDP83223V
Cabletron Systems, IncYago Switch
Canoga Perkins CorporationEdgeAccess 9135 GalileoGT-48002A-P-2 ICS1890Y Rev. A
Cisco SystemsCatalyst 2948G-L3 Broadcom BCM5208 KPF
Cisco SystemsCatalyst 5000 5213A LSIL1A9721 National SemiconductorDP83223V
Cisco SystemsCatalyst 5505 WS-X5225R Cisco Systems08-0186-01 BroadcomBCM5208
Cisco SystemsCatalyst 5505 WS-X5530 PhillipsSCN68681C1A44 FDT7024 S55PF
Cisco SystemsCatalyst WS-X5224 LSIL2A0291 IntelS82555
Cisco SystemsSupervisor Engine 5000 STMicroelectronicsMK68901Q-04 Micro Linear ML6673CQ
Cisco SystemsWS-X4506-GB-T
Cisco Systemsws-x4548-gb-rj45
Cisco SystemsWS-X6748-GE-TX 48 Port Switching Module
Compaq Computer CorporationDual Speed SW3322 Digital21440-AC Level OneLXT9700C Rev B
Compaq Computer CorporationNetelligent 5226A LSIL2A0923 Level One9741 DSQ8 Rev. X9
Compaq Computer CorporationSW3324 IntelDC11075E Level OneLXT975AHC Rev. X3
Digital Equipment CorporationEtherworks 8T/TX National SemiconductorDP83840AVCE National SemiconductorDP83223V
Digital Equipment CorporationEtherWORKS DELXR-A3 MXMX98741FC Not AvailableNot Available
Extreme NetworksSummit 24E3 N/AN/A BroadcomBCM5228
Extreme NetworksSummit 48i Rev. 3 N/AN/A BroacomBCM5218KTB
Extreme NetworksSummit 48i1 BroadcomBCM5228BA5KPB LSIInferno L2C1201
GE Consumer and IndustrialEntellisys Ethernet Switch (Ntron 508TX, 8port)
Hewlett Packard Corp.AdvanceStack Switch 2000
Hewlett Packard Corp.Advancestack Switch 224T GalileoGT-48001A-M-3 AMDAM79C988AJC
Hewlett Packard Corp.Advancestack Switch 800T Texas Instruments875525 ICS189Y N/A
Hewlett Packard Corp.Procurve 5308
IBM Corp.8271 Kalpana10505-00 Level OneLXT901PC
IBM Corp.8275-324 MMC NetworksPS1002PD1C BroadcomBCM5208 KPF
IBM Corp.8275-416 N/AN/A N/AN/A
Infineon-ADMtek Co., Ltd.ADM6692F AB InfineonAMD6992F v1.0
Intel CorporationExpress 410F Not AvailableNot Available Not AvailableNot Available
Intel CorporationExpress 420T IntelLXT9781HC B2 N/A
Intel CorporationInBusiness 8-Port 10/100 Fast Hub N/AN/A BroadcomBMC202 KPF N/A
Intel CorporationIntel Denmark 520 T Custom Microlinear ML 6673CQ
Intel CorporationIntel Express 535T 22 Port switch N/A BroadcomBCM5218KTB
Intel CorporationSOHO-16DX N/AN/A Level OneLXT9883HC
Lucent TechnologiesCajun P220FE Intell21440-AD Broadcom BCM5208 KPF CT0002C2 4198 N/A
Micrel Semiconductor, Inc.KS8695 Demo board KendinKS8695X 1.0
Nortel Networks3510-24T BroadcomBCM5464R
Nortel NetworksBayStack 350F-HD NetICs03-0001-0183G75EF0020
Nortel NetworksBayStack 450-24T Broadcom5920KPB Nortel NetworksNS201 N/A
Nortel NetworksBS470048T Baystack N/AN/A BroadcomBCM5464KRB R0B.2
Nortel NetworksBS70-24T N/A BroadcomBCM5208KPF
Nortel NetworksCostco BS70-16T AllayerAL116 BroadcomBCM5208
Nortel NetworksERS 4550T-PWR N/AN/A N/AN/A
Nortel NetworksFalcon 24T LSIL2A1500 BroadcomBCM5215KPF
Nortel NetworksPassport 1424T
Performance Technologies, Inc.Nebula 8000 XilinxXC4005XL Crystal LANCS8952-CQ EP
ProCurve Networking by HP212M Switch Level One9742 DSE8
ProCurve Networking by HPProcurve 2510 24-Port Switch BroadcomBCM5324MKPBG BroadcomBCM5324MKPBG
Realtek Semiconductor Corp.8 Port Switch Rev 2.0 RealtekRTL8308 RealtekRTL8204 2.0
Realtek Semiconductor Corp.RTL8208B Ver.C Fast Ethernet Octal PHYceiver RealtekRTL8326 RealtekRTL8208B
Realtek Semiconductor Corp.RTL8651 RealtekRTL8651 RealtekRTL8651 3.1
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.Smart Ether SS6224S MMC NetwoksPS1002PD1C BroadcomBCM5208 A1
Westell, Inc.A90-240010-04
World Wide PacketsLE-311v AlteraCyclone IntelLXT9785HC
World Wide PacketsLightning Edge 311 MototrolaXPC855TZP504D IntelLXT9785HC
World Wide PacketsLightning Edge LE-211
World Wide PacketsLightning Edge LE-36 Level OneLXT9785HC
World Wide PacketsLightningEdge 46 UnknownUnknown IntelLXT9785HC
XLNT Designs, Inc.Millennium 4000 10/100 Ethernet SMSC FEASTLAN91C100FDQFP NationalDP8384BVJE

100Base-Tx Repeaters

MakeModel MAC MakeMAC Model PHY MakePHY Model Hardware Version
3Com Corp.LinkBuilder FMS 100 100BASE-TX National SemiconductorDP83223V
Compaq Computer CorporationNetelligent 1108 100BASE-TX National SemiconductorDP83223V 001
Intel Corporation100BASE-TX Stackable Hub
Intel CorporationExpress 330T Level OneLXT980QC A1
Intel CorporationInBusiness SH101TX 16XX N/AN/A N/AN/A N/A
Intel CorporationIntel Express 220T IntelS82555AC
Level One Communications, Inc.LXD980 Level OneLXT980QC
Level One Communications, Inc.LXT980 Level OneLXT980QC
Level One Communications, Inc.LXT980QC Level One9731 DSB1 N/A
LiteOnLiteSpeed 100 12 Port TX Hub N/AN/A N/AML6673CQ
SMC NetworksTigerHub 100
SMC NetworksTigerStack 100 5300-NMU BELFEAST 91C100QF ICS1890Y
SMC NetworksTigerStack 100 5324TX National SemiconductorDP83840VCE National SemiconductorDP83223V N/A
SMC NetworksTigerStack 3312TC SMC 83C10QF P B9522
Standard Microsystems Corp.EZ Hub 100 5208TX QualityQS6611
Standard Microsystems Corp.TigerStack 100 5312TX National SemiconductorsDP83840AVCE National SemiconductorsDP83223V
SynOptics Communications, Inc.28115

100Base-Tx Routers/Servers

MakeModel MAC MakeMAC Model PHY MakePHY Model Firmware Version
3Com Corp.3036 Marvell88E6060-RCJ Marvell88E6060-RCJ
3Com Corp.3040 Router BroadcomBCM5325EKQM BroadcomBCM5325EKQM
3Com Corp.OfficeConnect Cable/DSL Router 3C858-91 InfineonADM5120 InfineonADM5120
Axis Communications250s
Axis Communications5900 Network Print Server BroadcomBCM5221A4KPT
Axis Communications83 Device Server Platform
Blue Coat Systems, Inc.810-4
Cisco Systems3600 Altera EPM7256EQC160-12 National Semiconductor ES9706DBC4
Cisco Systems500-CS N/A Texas Instruments32607NT
Cisco SystemsC4500 4000
Cisco SystemsCisco 4000 Series c4700 Digital51140-AE NationalES9805GG
Cisco SystemsCisco AS5300 Series Digital21140-AB National SemiconductorES9652ALC4
Lucent TechnologiesCajun P550 Routing Switch M5501R-SUP Nortel NS842AJ
Sun MicrosystemsNetra T1 SunSME2300BGA lucentLU3?X31T2-T64

100Base-Tx Transceivers

MakeModel MAC MakeMAC Model PHY MakePHY Model Hardware Version
Adhoc Technologies, Inc.AH101L Ali9944NI BL9811
Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.NetPHY-1LP MII EMI AMDNetPHY-1LP AM79C874VC Rev. 0
Altima Communications Inc.Altima Communications AC104Z Altera FlexEDF10K30AQC208-1 NetPHY-4LXAm79C878KC
Broadcom Corp.BCM5201 BroadcomBCM5201 KPT Rev. B
Broadcom Corp.BCM95221D BroadcomBCM5221AKPT v1.0
Enable Semiconductor, Inc.3V EL40C331V Enable3VSingle 032598-C
Faraday Technology Corp.FS90B553 / PHYSMART FaradayFV9B553GA
Faraday Technology Corp.FSA0AC076BA N/AN/A FaradayFSA0AC076BA
Hewlett Packard Corp.J3192A ICS189OY N/A
Hewlett Packard Corp.J3192B N/AN/A ICS189OY N/A
Hewlett Packard Corp.J3192B
Intel Corporation82555 MII Evaluation Board N/AN/A IntelS82555 L7053378
Kendin Communications, Inc.KS8737 KendinKS8737 N/A
LANCAST, Inc.6211 Transceiver NationalDP83223V N/A
LANCAST, Inc.6214 N/AN/A UnknownAK9524BKC4 N/A
LANCAST, Inc.6224 Level One9717 DSQ6 LXT970QC N/A
LANCAST, Inc.Prototype National SemiconductorDP83843BVJ N/A
Level One Communications, Inc.LXT970 N/AN/A Level One9822 DS56 LXT970AHC 2LVT04207.1 C
Level One Communications, Inc.LXT970 Demo BD. N/AN/A Level One9843 DS58 LXT970AQC A6
Lucent TechnologiesFastCat LucentLU3X31T-T64 100298-A
Lucent TechnologiesLU3X31FT 3V LucentFastCat M-3X31T-J80
Lucent TechnologiesLUC3X54F N/AN/A LucentM-3X54V1 N/A
Mitel Semiconductor, Ltd.NWK933C MitelNWK933C Rev. B
Mitel Semiconductor, Ltd.NWK933D MitelNWK933D Rev. D
Mitel Semiconductor, Ltd.NWK933D 10/100 MitelNWK933D Rev. D
National SemiconductorDP83847 DsPHYTER II National SemiVS33AB Rev. 4
National SemiconductorDP83849 Dual PHYTER Demo board Nat SemiVM57ES
National SemiconductorDP83849 Dual Phyter Demo II National SemiconductorDP838491VS
Philips Semiconductors, Inc.Philips 10/100 PHY N/AN/A PhilipsPHY Test Chip 2.0 Proto 09100 1.1
Realtek Semiconductor Corp.RTL8201_1.1 N/AN/A RealtekRTL8201L 1.1
SEEQ Technology, Inc.80221 N/AN/A SEEQLQ80221/F
SEEQ Technology, Inc.80221 MII N/AN/A SEEQLQ80221/F
SEEQ Technology, Inc.80223 TP N/AN/A LSI68032A1
SEEQ Technology, Inc.84220/84225 N/AN/A SEEQQQ84220/C C
SEEQ Technology, Inc.SEEQ 80220 SeeqNQ80220/D Rev. C
SEEQ Technology, Inc.SEEQ TECH MII 80220 (demo board) SeeqNQ80220/D Rev. C
ST MicroelectronicsSTE100P ST MicroelectronicsSTE100P
Standard Microsystems Corp.LAN83C185-JD SMSCLAN83C185-JD
Teridian Semiconductor Corp.78Q2120-64T MII Rev C TDK78Q2120-64T Rev. C
Teridian Semiconductor Corp.78Q2120-64T Received 3.8.99 TDK78Q2120-64T ZA9905C11 16365.03.Z
Teridian Semiconductor Corp.78Q2123A06 TDK78Q2123
Teridian Semiconductor Corp.78Q2123A07 TDK78Q2123
Teridian Semiconductor Corp.78Q2123X TDK Semiconductor Corp.78Q2123X
Texas Instruments, Inc.Evaluations Part# T1.0 N/AN/A Texas InstrumentsF741800P AG/AX
Trendchip Technologies Corp.TC2104SA TestBD-V1.0 TrendchipUG0833
Valens SemiconductorVS100TX-A0 5PLAY
Via Technologies, Inc.VT5352A N/AN/A VIAVT6103

100Base-Tx Other

MakeModel MAC MakeMAC Model PHY MakePHY Model Firmware Version Hardware Version
Atan Technology, Inc.AT8992 AT8992A1MMHCNT47 S02280 AT8992A1MMHCNT47 S02280
Avocent CorporationDS1800 N/A Level OneLXT972LC N/A
Axis CommunicationsAxis 211A
Cisco Systems7911G phone UnknownUnknown UnknownUnknown
Cisco SystemsCP-7911G TNE TV1050
Cisco SystemsOptical Network Terminator 1000 InaccessibleInaccessible
Hewlett Packard Corp.AdvanceStack 2000 J3192A Module ICS1890Y
Hewlett Packard Corp.Procurve J8705A Module Blade HP5069-8607 VitesseVSC8234HG
Hewlett Packard Corp.Procurve J8765B Blade HPL2B2710 BroadcomBCM5248UA2KQMG
Hewlett Packard Corp.Procurve J8768A Blade HPL2B2710 VitesseVSC8558XHJ
Hewlett Packard Corp.Procurve J9033A Blade HPL2B2710 N/AN/A
KronosTime Clock 4500 MotorolaXPC855TZP66D4 IntelLXT972ALC REV 4
Microsoft CorporationTuscany N/AN/A N/AN/A N/A
Microsoft CorporationXBox Tuscany ICSUA331842A
Microsoft CorporationXeEV5C-6 Broadcom
Motorola SPSSBG900 N/AN/A N/AN/A N/A
Motorola, Inc.SB5101 Cable Modem N/AN/A N/AN/A N/A
Motorola, Inc.SB5101E SURFboard N/A N/A
Motorola, Inc.SBV5120
Motorola, Inc.SBV5220 Texas InsrumentsTNETC4401PYP Altima CommunicationsAC101LKQT Not Available
Motorola, Inc.SURFboard Cable Modem SB5100 N/AN/A N/AN/A N/A
Motorola, Inc.Surfboard cable modem SB5120 N/A AltimaN/A
Motorola, Inc.SURFboard SB5100 N/A N/A
Motorola, Inc.Surfboard SB5120 N/AN/A Realtek N/A N/A
Motorola, Inc.Vanguard PowerPC N/AN/A Level OneLXT972ALC
Motorola, Inc.VT1005 N/AN/A N/AN/A N/A
NEC Magnus Communications, Ltd.ESU-C/R ESU-C/R
NEC Magnus Communications, Ltd.ESU-C8 ESU-C8
NEC Magnus Communications, Ltd.ESU-R ESU-R
nVIDIA Corp.nVidia nForce2 MCP-T Ethernet MAC nVidia nForce2 n/an/a
SEH Computertechnik GmbHIC 9 UnknownUnknown SeeqNQ83C92A
Trendchip Technologies Corp.TC3162LE E14 Ver. 1.0A TrendchipIQ128G
Westell, Inc.ADSL Modem with Ethernet and USB UnknownUnknown Altimatn0309
Westell, Inc.Wirespeed B90-210010-04 N/AN/A AltimaAC101LKQT TN0222 P11
Xerox CorporationXerox Balsa Xerox Balsa ICS1893AFLF
Xerox CorporationXerox Stingray Plus Xerox Stingray Plus
XyratexUnknown N/AN/A N/AN/A

100Base-Fx Network Interface Cards

MakeModel MAC MakeMAC Model Optics MakeOptics Model Hardware Version Platform OSDriver Version
3Com Corp.3CNJ225FX-SC
3Com Corp.NJ225FX
3Com Corp.NJ225FX IntelliJack
Bay Networks, Inc.BayStack 304 Texas Instruments118-00119-A
Bay Networks, Inc.Baystack 450-12F Bay Networks30218-A Hewlett PackardHFBR 5903
Broadcom Corp.BCM56220 BroadcomBCM5703CKHB
Cisco SystemsCatalyst 5000 5111 100FX LSI L1A9721 AMPSC Duplex Tansceiver 269039-1
D-Link Systems, Inc.D-Link ES535M 100Base-FX RJ Fiber Module N/A Agilent HFBR5903
Extreme NetworksSummit 24E3 N/AN/A
Hewlett Packard Corp.Procurve J8705A Module Blade HP5069-8607 MolexNot Available
IBM Corp.8271 Kalpana10505-00
IBM Corp.8275-324 MMC NetworksPS1002PD1C
IMC NetworksQuickCeiver 100Base-X Micro Transceiver Rev. A2
IMC NetworksQuikCeiver 100Base-X Micro Tranceiver N/AN/A
LANCAST, Inc.6211 N/A
Nortel Networks3510-24T
Nortel NetworksBS470048T Baystack N/AN/A R0B.2
Philips Semiconductors, Inc.Philips 10/100 PHY N/AN/A 1.1
World Wide PacketsLightningEdge 46 UnknownUnknown

100Base-Fx Switches

MakeModel MAC MakeMAC Model Optics MakeOptics Model Firmware Version Hardware Version
3Com Corp.3CNJ225FX-SC
3Com Corp.NJ225FX
3Com Corp.NJ225FX IntelliJack
Bay Networks, Inc.BayStack 304 Texas Instruments118-00119-A
Bay Networks, Inc.Baystack 450-12F Bay Networks30218-A Hewlett PackardHFBR 5903
Cisco SystemsCatalyst 5000 5111 100FX LSI L1A9721 AMPSC Duplex Tansceiver 269039-1
D-Link Systems, Inc.D-Link ES535M 100Base-FX RJ Fiber Module N/A Agilent HFBR5903
Extreme NetworksSummit 24E3 N/AN/A
IBM Corp.8271 Kalpana10505-00
IBM Corp.8275-324 MMC NetworksPS1002PD1C
Nortel Networks3510-24T
Nortel NetworksBS470048T Baystack N/AN/A R0B.2
World Wide PacketsLightningEdge 46 UnknownUnknown

Test and Measurement

Make Model Quantity
Fluke Networks 89 IV True RMS Multimeter 1
Hewlett Packard Corp. DC Power Supply E3610A 5
Keysight Technologies 8712B - Network Analyzer 1
Keysight Technologies Agilent infiniium MSO8104A 1
Keysight Technologies ENA Series Network Analyzer E5061A 1
Tektronix Inc. AWG 2020 1
Tektronix Inc. AWG 2041 2
Tektronix Inc. AWG 2041 AWG 2041 1
Tektronix Inc. AWG2021 1
Tektronix Inc. DMM249 1
Tektronix Inc. TDS 7104 1
Tektronix Inc. Tektronix DSA 602A 1

Traffic Generator/Analyzer

Make Model Quantity
Netcom Systems SX-7410B 1
Spirent Communications GX-1420B 4
Spirent Communications ML-5710 A 1
Spirent Communications ML-7710 12
Spirent Communications ML-7711 2
Spirent Communications SmartBits 200 9
Spirent Communications SMB10 1
Spirent Communications SMB2000 1
Spirent Communications SX-7210 12
Spirent Communications SX-7410B 21
Spirent Communications SX-7411 2

Additional Test Bed Equipment

Make Model Quantity
ADMtek Incorporated ADM5120 AB0321 1
ADMtek Incorporated ADM7001 2
ADMtek Incorporated Samurai ADM6996LC AB 1
Altera Corporation Stratix II GX PCIe 1
Arasan Chip Systems Express Rev 1.0 1
Broadcom Corp. BCM54610 1
Broadcom Corp. BCM54684-D1 BCM54684-D1 1
Broadcom Corp. BCM56220 1
Broadcom Corp. BCM84823 1
Broadcom Corp. BCM911107EVM 1
Broadcom Corp. BCM958525K_NSP_A0 BCM53025 1
Broadcom Corp. Broadcom Corp. BCM53125 1
Broadcom Corp. Gigabit Ethernet BCM953115 Switch BCM953115 1
Cisco Systems Cisco SCE8000 Cisco SCE8000 1
Cisco Systems CloudCR+ WS-X4648-RJ45V+E 1
Cisco Systems FE Rev 1 C 1
Cisco Systems Spiderwoman WS-C4948E 1
Cisco Systems Tiban WS-X4748-RJ45V+E 1
Cisco Systems WS-X4920-GS-RJ45 WS-X4920-GS-RJ45 1
Davicom Semiconductor, Inc. DM9000A Auto-MDIX FE Contoller 1
Digi International Connect ME Int Kit 1
Faraday Technology Corp. FSP0AE009AA 2
Hewlett Packard Corp. JetDirect 10/100Base-T 1
IBM Corp. DP Appliance Fast Ethernet Clone 1
Intel Corporation Intel 82578 – Hanksville_D 1
Keysight Technologies Remote Processor Card 1
Level One Communications, Inc. LXD9763 1
Level One Communications, Inc. LXT970 1
Marvell Semiconductor, Inc. 88E1340 1
Micrel Semiconductor, Inc. KS8995M 1
Microsemi SOC Corporation SITSMAC-SF2 1
Microsoft Corporation Xbox 360 NIC board F1E_F2_F1 Demo Board 1
Panasonic Eco Solutions Networks, Co., Ltd. Switch-S8G Switch-S8G 1
Polycom, Inc. Alder SoundPoint IP 670 1
Polycom, Inc. Aries-Camry CX3000 1
Polycom, Inc. Polycom SoundPoint IP 200W 00087B034DF8 1
Polycom, Inc. Prius SoundStation IP 5000 1
Polycom, Inc. SoundPoint IP 550 SoundPoint IP 550 1
Polycom, Inc. SoundPoint IP 850 SoundPoint IP 850 1
ProCurve Networking by HP HP Networking 6120G Blade Switch 1
ProCurve Networking by HP Lager 2620 1
Ralink Technology Corp. rt2101m Power Supply TC6501M 1
Ralink Technology Corp. rt2101m TC6501M 1
Ralink Technology Corp. RT63365 RT63365 2
Ralink Technology Corp. TC6508 (Daughter Board) TC6508 (Daughter Board) 1
Ralink Technology Corp. TC6508 TC6508 2
Realtek Semiconductor Corp. Demo board RTL8111E 1
Realtek Semiconductor Corp. RTL8105E EVAL Board V100 1
Realtek Semiconductor Corp. RTL8111DP-GR Demo Board RTL8111DP 1
Realtek Semiconductor Corp. RTL8111E_VL Demo Board 1
Realtek Semiconductor Corp. RTL8214B Demo Board P2L V1.0 #34 1
Realtek Semiconductor Corp. RTL8214B Demo Board P2L V1.0 #35 1
Realtek Semiconductor Corp. RTL8305SC 5-Port Switch 1
Realtek Semiconductor Corp. RTL8366SB DEMO BOARD P4L V1.0 1
Realtek Semiconductor Corp. RTL8367M-VB 5 Port Gigabit Switch RTL8367M-VB 1
Realtek Semiconductor Corp. RTL8367RB RTL8367RB-LQFP128 P4L V2.0 1
Realtek Semiconductor Corp. RTL8367RB-VB LQFP-128 DEMO BOARD P4L-V2.0_CP4L2C-86 RTL8367RB-VB LQFP-128 1
Realtek Semiconductor Corp. RTL8376 RTL8218 Demoboard P4L V1.0 #11 1
Realtek Semiconductor Corp. RTL8376_RTL8218_Demo_Board_P2L_V2.0 RTL8376_RTL8218_Demo_Board_P2L_V2.0 Gigabit Switch 1
Realtek Semiconductor Corp. RTL8382L_24G_Demo_V1.0_#11 RTL8382L_Demo_V1.0_#11 1
Realtek Semiconductor Corp. RTL8401-GR Demo Board RTL8401P/8401 64/48 Demo Board V100 1
SMSC LAN7500 Rev B Assy 6588 1
SMSC LAN89218 Rev A LAN89218 Rev A Assembly 6519 1
SMSC LAN89530AM Rev A (WS) NP-TEST04 Workstation 1
SMSC LAN9221 Rev A Assembly 6527 1
SMSC LAN9500 Rev B Assembly 6514 Rev B 1
Solarflare Communications, Inc. Evaluation Module SFM9001QX2 1
Solarflare Communications, Inc. SFN5121T 1
Sperian Protection Instrumentation Biosystems IQ Express 1
Sperian Protection Instrumentation Biosystems IQ6 1
Sperian Protection Instrumentation IQ Express Dock 1
Western Digital Corp. My Book Live Duo WDBVHT0060JCH 2