Time Sensitive Test Tools

  • IOL INTACT™ Avnu Alliance Member Edition for gPTP Testing Software
  • IOL vIOLett™ Avnu Alliance Member Edition Testing Software

To meet the needs of Avnu Alliance Members and support in-house testing needs, the UNH-IOL has developed custom software test tools, named in brief IOL INTACT™ for gPTP and vIOLett™ for Avnu.

These tools offer Avnu Alliance Members the opportunity to perform conformance and interoperability tests in-house to be better prepared for certification testing.

Tool Coverage and Requirements

Test Tool Test Plan Coverage Pricing License Agreement
IOL INTACT™ for gPTP gPTP for EndStation or Bridge No cost for Avnu Alliance Members in good standing Start Licensing

INTACT for gPTP Requirements: Currently this tool requires the Oregano Systems syn1588nic for 100/1G support. See below for more information. Future versions will expand hardware timestamping NIC coverage, but no date of such expansion is currently available.

This solution is Client/Server based, and the server is recommended to be a 64-bit CENTOS 6.4 system. The Client is JAVA based and while portable, is recommended by the INTACT support team to similarly be Centos 6.4 with Oracle's JRE7 (the Client can also be run on the same system as the Server, as/if desired). As for recommended systems - for the Client, any modern 4+ core system with 8gigs of RAM should be adequate. For the Server, any modern dual core system with 2+gigs of RAM should be adequate. Lesser systems may work, but are not environments that are tested.

vIOLett™ for Avnu

Bridge: 802.1BA; FQTSS; MRP, MSRP, MVRP

EndStation: 1722(AVTP/MAAP); FQTSS; M*RP; Media Clock

No cost for Avnu Alliance Members in good standing Start Licensing

VIOLETT™ Requirements: This solution is also JAVA based, using Oracles JRE7 (32-bit recommended) in Windows 7.

Any common NIC that can pass VLAN tags to Wireshark should be acceptable for some tests, though for Bridge testing most tests require more than 2 NICs to be available (typically 3 provided the DUT has 3+ ports) some tests require up to 5 NICs. NOTE: A limited number of tests will not be possible via this initial in-house test methodology.

The Echo Streamware NIC-1 enables hardware timestamping usage for all tests (allowing full Pdelay emulation), and is required for stream generation. See below for more information.

VIOLETT is currently being expanded to support AVB test solutions from Ixia, including the LSM1000XMVAE8 and the XMAVB10/40GE6QSFP+FAN, which together enable 100Mb through 40Gb AVB testing capability.  These modules enable 10G and 40G test capabilities that exceed the ability of software-only approaches.  See below for more information.

As for recommended systems - any modern 4+ core system with 8gigs of RAM should be adequate. Lesser systems may work, but are not environments that are tested.

For more information contact Bob Noseworthy

Pre-test In-House

These tools enable Avnu Alliance Members to perform the vast majority of certification tests in-house. Many, but not all tests, are automated to return a pass/fail result. Network captures and logs of these tests are also available for further analysis to verify automation and device behavior.

Go beyond certification test needs

Various widgets exist within vIOLett™ that allow flexibility in test, from stream generation tools, to simple 1722.1 Controller functionality, Avnu Alliance Members can utilize these features to go beyond certification needs.

Additional capabilities for UNH-IOL Avnu Testing Services Members

Features beyond Avnu Certification test needs are in development with some available today. If you have additional test needs please let us know, contact Bob Noseworthy. Join our Avnu Testing Services today to schedule time for pre-cert, full certification testing, and help support and shape development of future tools.

Contact assistance: Calnex



Calnex Paragon-X

The Calnex Paragon-X is the definitive solution to rigorously test gPTP (generic Precision Time Protocol) also known as IEEE 802.1AS. The Paragon-X:

  • Provides one-box testing for gPTP-defined Time-Aware systems – End Stations and Relays(Bridges).
  • Allows complete testing of gPTP Correction Field, Neighbour Rate ratio and CSRO (Cumulative Scaled Rate Offset).
  • Includes automatic detection and validation of gPTP fields using the “gPTP Field verifier”.
  • Can use integrated packet impairments to verify gPTP performance in the presence of network impairments such as delay, PDV or dropped packets.
  • Has a fully stateful implementation of gPTP which, when used with its “Master/Slave Emulation” allows you to fully test frequency, phase and time-error performance of Grandmaster Clocks, End-Stations and Relays.
  • In addition to detailed gPTP/802.1AS functional and conformance testing, the Paragon-X also supports the following profiles: IEEE1588-2008, G.8265.1 (Frequency), G.8275.1 (Phase), C37.238-2011 (Power), and Customer-defined profiles.

Contact assistance: Echo Digital Audio Corporation

Echo Digital Audio Corporation

Echo NIC-1

The Echo AVB Certification Kit (includes 1 or more Streamware NIC-1s) is currently recommended for use with VIOLETT™.

For End Station testing, only one NIC-1 is required. For Bridge testing, 3 are sufficient for most tests; 5 cards co-located in the same system is the maximum needed for full in-house Bridge testing. Please contact info@echoavb.com for more information.

Please indicate to Echo that your purchase is connected to your work with UNH-IOL.

Contact assistance: Ixia 




AVnu Certification testing at UNH-IOL has been further enhanced with the support of Ixia and their AVB capable solutions.  

For additional information please refer to http://www.ixiacom.com/solutions/network-test/audio-video-bridging As certification testing continues to expand, certification of 10G and 40G bridges are anticipated with this expanded capability.

Contact assistance: Spirent 

Spirent TestCenter (STC)

AVnu Certification testing at UNH-IOL has utilized STC solutions in enhancing layer 1 and AVB testing.

For additional information please refer to the Spirent AVB/TSN Solutions Datasheet & Spirent Automotive C50 Datasheet. The Spirent test platforms such as the C50 (with 100BASE-T1 native interface) improve Automotive capabilities for certification testing completed by the UNH IOL and for in-house testing. Spirent also offers conformance solution that follows Avnu test specifications. The performance AVB test solution is supported across all STC platforms covering 100M/1G/2.5G/5G/10G/40G and 100G.

Contact assistance: Oregano Systems

Oregano Logo

Oregano NIC

Oregano Systems syn1588 NIC

  • The IOL INTACT™ Avnu Alliance Member Edition for gPTP currently requires the Oregano Systems syn1588 PCIe NIC.
  • 2 NICs are required for the 12 Bridge-specific tests, and 3 Bridge test parts require 3 NICs.
  • For End Station testing, only one syn1588 NIC is required.
  • The SYN1588PCIENIC-L (large PCI bracket) or SYN1588PCIENIC-S (small PCI bracket) are likely sufficient for your in-house needs.
For additional Information: syn1588 PCIe NIC Ordering syn1588 PCIe NIC (pdf)Contact Oregano Systems For US purchases, please contact JTime! If this option is pursued please indicate to Oregano Systems that your purchase is connected to your and their work with UNH-IOL.