Time Sensitive Test Tools

To meet the needs of members and support in-house testing needs, the UNH-IOL has developed custom software test tools and automation frameworks. 

The vIOLett® for Avnu Test Packages listed below enable our customers to be better prepared for certification testing by running in your own labs the same software UNH-IOL technicians will use to test your product for certification.

Tool Coverage and Requirements

Test Packages Coverage 30-Day Trial Price Quote

vIOLett® for Avnu

Pro AV & Base Test Package

Bridge: 802.1AS (gPTP); 802.1BA; FQTSS; MRP, MSRP, MVRP, Interop

EndStation: 1722(AVTP/MAAP); 802.1AS (gPTP); 802.1BA; FQTSS; M*RP; Media Clock; Endstation Interop

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vIOLett® Requirements: Refer to this link.

vIOLet® for Avnu

Automotive Test Package

AED-B: Automotive gPTP; SR Classes/FQTSS(Credit Based Shaper); Network Startup; Diagnostics; Exception Handling

AED: Automotive gPTP; MediaFormats/FQTSS(Credit Based Shaper); Network Startup; Diagnostics; Exception Handling

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vIOLett® Requirements: Refer to this link.


Item Memberships Required** Annual Fee
Avnu ProAV/Base Test Package: 1 Licensed Seat for 12 months UNH-IOL Avnu Certification Test Service* $2,000
Avnu Alliance $4,000
None $8,400

Avnu Automotive Test Package: 1 Licensed Seat for 12 months

Note: Automotive tests are still in beta. gPTP is recommended, other test coverage should be considered beta.

UNH-IOL Avnu Certification Test Service* $2,000
Avnu Alliance $4,000
None $8,400

* UNH-IOL Avnu Certification Test Service membership requires Avnu Alliance membership.

** Required memberships at the time the license is granted

For more information contact Bob Noseworthy

Limited time: Free access to INTACT for gPTP for licensed tool holders

Test Tool Test Plan Coverage Pricing License Agreement
IOL INTACT™ for gPTP gPTP for EndStation or Bridge Per seat license included with paid vIOLett® licensee. Start Licensing

END OF LIFE Notice -- the "IOL INTACT for gPTP" functionality is transitioning to the vIOLett® automation framework. For a limited time, paid licensee's of the vIOLett® framework will be granted a license to continue to use the IOL INTACT for gPTP functionality until the release of vIOLett® v1.2.0.

INTACT for gPTP Requirements: Currently this tool requires the Oregano Systems syn1588nic for 100/1G support. See below for more information. Experimental support for the Intel i210 is also available.

This solution is Client/Server based, and the server is recommended to be a 64-bit Ubuntu 14.04 LTS system. The Client is JAVA based and while portable, is recommended by the INTACT support team to use Oracle's JRE7  or JRE8 (the Client can also be run on the same system as the Server, as/if desired). As for recommended systems - for the Client, any modern 4+ core system with 8gigs of RAM should be adequate. For the Server, any modern dual core system with 2+gigs of RAM should be adequate. Lesser systems may work, but are not environments that are tested.

Pre-test In-House

These tools enable Avnu Alliance Members to perform the vast majority of certification tests in-house. Many, but not all tests, are automated to return a pass/fail result. Network captures and logs of these tests are also available for further analysis to verify automation and device behavior.

Go beyond certification test needs

Various widgets exist within vIOLett® that allow flexibility in test, from stream generation tools, to simple 1722.1 Controller functionality, Avnu Alliance Members can utilize these features to go beyond certification needs.

Additional capabilities for UNH-IOL Avnu Testing Services Members

Features beyond Avnu Certification test needs are in development with some available today. If you have additional test needs please let us know, contact Bob Noseworthy. Join our Avnu Testing Services today to schedule time for pre-cert, full certification testing, and help support and shape development of future tools.