Exclusive Updates to TR-398i3

Discover the latest features of TR-398i3, such as Wi-Fi 6E, QoS, and latency. Understand how these updates can significantly enhance your wireless products and improve end-user experience. 


BBF TR-398 Carrier Grade Wi-Fi List

Take a look at the BBF Carrier Grade Wi-Fi List to explore its powerful features for testing RF performance, coverage, capacity, bandwidth, and stability. Gain valuable insights on how list inclusion can benefit network operators and service providers by enhancing network performance.


Expert Wi-Fi Standards Validation 

We specialize in neutral validation testing for many wireless standards. Our testing processes are reliable and use the most advanced wireless test equipment available. As an approved test lab for the Broadband Forum, we also collaborate to develop and implement wireless test plans, such as TR-398.

Elevate Wi-Fi Connectivity!

View the Future of Wi-Fi Testing webinar below.

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