BitPhyer Tools

BitPhyer circuit board

BitPhyer is a family of hardware platforms used to test the IEEE 802.3™ MAC, Flow Control, PCS and RS layers for Ethernet devices, including Automotive Ethernet. This platform is based on Xilinx FPGAs and custom built hardware which are used to create a flexible bit-level based test system. BitPhyer can be used to generate arbitrary bit patterns and frames and enables users to define their own test scripts in addition to the UNH-IOL generated test plans included with the system. The BitPhyer family of hardware platforms supports various speeds and duplexes over several port types from 10Mb/s to 10Gb/s.

Please note: BitPhyer is currently unavailable, contact us below and we will follow up with next steps once it is available. 


  • Decrease costs and testing time by implementing a common set of test cases for easy compliance comparison
  • Create automation of UNH-IOL Test Plans
  • Access to industry recognized test practices
  • Ability to add customizable test cases
  • Increase consistency of testing between development teams using the same platform
  • Faster root cause analysis of conformance issues
  BitPhyer STA
Supported Speeds 1x10/100/1000BASE-T
1xSFP (1G only)

Supported Test Plans

  BitPhyer STA
Clause 4 MAC
Clause 31 Flow Control
Clause 36 PCS
Clause 37 Auto-Negotiation
Automotive Clause 96 PCS
Automotive Clause 96 PHY Control
Clause 99 Preemption

Support and Maintenance (currently unavailable)

Details Annual Fee
  • Training and debugging sessions (On-site is available for an additional cost)
  • Learn about the latest release features
  • Installation and set-up guidance
  • Assistance with device automation
  • Detailed result analysis and IEEE Standards review
  • Support is recommended with purchase of license(s). Multiple test packages and licenses are covered. Support is included in testing service memberships, please inquire for more details.
$10,000 USD

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