Current Research Areas

The UNH-IOL is committed to keeping pace with the evolution of communications technology. The lab is constantly in collaboration with the industry to develop test methodologies and to validate new equipment and protocols. We can publicly disclose that we are currently working with the following technologies and industry forums with the intent of providing testing services in the near future.

TSNs - Time Sensitive Networks

We are actively engaged with members of the TSN industry to address requirements from standards groups such as IEEE 802.1, IETF DetNet and organizations such as the AVnu Alliance, OPEN Alliance, and JasPar. TSN technology is of special interest to emerging Deterministic Ethernet networks in Automotive and Industrial sectors, including Industry 4.0, IoT, Automotive Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) and numerous other emerging applications. Not familiar with TSN? Refer to the following overview summarizing activities and materials from Michael Johas Teener (IEEE 802.1 TSN Chair), Dr Edward Lee (UC Berkley), and numerous other parties: Time Sensitive Networking Overview

For more information please contact our lead investigator in this area, Contact Us.

EXS - Extended Asynchronous Sockets Library

EXS is an implementation of the Open Group's ES-API standard. It is open source under the BSD or GPL license.

For more information you can Contact Us, our RDMA research lead. You may also visit our UNH-EXS information and download page.

Is there something else you might be interested in?

If you believe the UNH-IOL may be of service to you, your company, your industry forum and/or your standards effort, please feel free to contact us.