Current Research Areas

The UNH-IOL is committed to keeping pace with the evolution of communications technology. We collaborate with industry leaders to develop testing methodologies and validate new equipment and protocols. We are currently working on several technologies and industry forums to provide testing services in the near future. Contact us to learn more about our current research and explore your technology and research development interests. 

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An NSF grant was awarded to the lab to expand the support for open-source high-accuracy timing solutions such as White Rabbit. A technology developed by CERN that uses precision timing to achieve sub-nanosecond synchronization through an ethernet network. 

As part of the NSF grant, under POSE, we are collaborating with teams at CERN, NIST, Nikhef, and more to come. The grant enables an open-source ecosystem called “Open PHASE”  Open-Source Precision, High Accuracy and Security Environment. In short, this effort will assist in the growth of the open-source community enabling access to resources used to validate, measure, and calibrate users' systems specific to time synchronization.

5G Open RAN

We are currently involved in multiple projects supporting the movement towards 5G networks, including Open RAN systems. This work includes supporting the O-RAN Alliance’s plugfest and the Linux Foundation’s 5G Super Blueprint.  Similarly, the lab is working with and utilizing multiple open source projects within the 5G and Open RAN technology areas.  

Time Sensitive Networks (TSN)

The lab has been actively engaged with members of the TSN industry to address requirements from standards groups such as IEEE 802.1, IETF DetNet and organizations such as the Avnu Alliance, OPEN Alliance, and JasPar. TSN technology is of special interest to emerging Deterministic Ethernet networks in Automotive and Industrial sectors, including Industry 4.0, IoT, Automotive Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) and numerous other emerging applications. 

EXS - Extended Asynchronous Sockets Library

EXS implements the Open Group's ES-API standard and is open source under the BSD or GPL license. Email Dr. Robert Russell, our RDMA research lead, for more information or visit the UNH-EXS information and download page.