Autonomous Driving and Time-Sensitive Networking

Electronic Component News

We invite you to catch up on this recent Electronic Component New's article by Georg Janker, Avnu Alliance Automotive Segment Leader Chair. 

This article offers a nice summary of the current state of Avnu Alliance Automotive Certification and plans for future expansion.

UNH-IOL is proud to be one of two test labs offering Avnu Alliance Automotive Certification, refer to our UNH-IOL Avnu Certification Test Services.

We also offer tools for in-house Avnu Alliance Automotive pre-testing.

In addition to Avnu Alliance testing, UNH-IOL offers OPEN Alliance testing for Automotive Ethernet PHY and PCS compliance in our Automotive Ethernet Test Service and additional protocol testing in our Automotive Networking Test Service including Ethernet Preemption testing and additional OPEN Alliance testings.