The University of New Hampshire Hosts 2nd Annual Smart Gadget Competition Sponsored by Senet, MultiTech, and ThingSpeak

Durham, N.H., March 19, 2018 -- The  UNH Connectivity Research Center (Connectivity) and the University of New Hampshire InterOperability Laboratory (UNH-IOL), an independent provider of broad-based testing and standards conformance solutions for the networking industry, are  excited to announce they will be hosting the upcoming Smart Gadget Competition on Saturday, March 24, 2018 at UNHInnovation, 21 Madbury Drive, right off the UNH Durham, NH campus. This one-day event will bring together UNH students, faculty, and industry to identify and solve a smart campus problem using data from IoT sensors that have been placed throughout campus.

Connectivity has partnered with the UNH-IOL to create an event where small teams of undergraduate students will brainstorm to create and present their solution to make UNH Durham campus smarter, safer, more efficient, or more sustainable using the Internet of Things (IoT) or Smart Cities technologies. With the support of industry partners Senet, Inc., MultiTech, and ThingSpeak, the competition will be offering cash prizes to the winning teams. Each team will be judged on solution viability, completeness of solution and how the solution can help maintain or improve the Durham campus’ recent safety and sustainability rankings.

"At the 2017 Smart Gadget Competition, my team presented IndustriCare, a Preventative Maintenance Tracking system,” said Francesco Alessandro Stefano Mikulis-Borsoi, Computer Science student at UNH. “We learned how to make an IoT sensor communicate with an online monitoring system and ended up receiving the top prize!  This wasn't the only benefit of the competition: last summer, I was able to obtain an internship with Senet as well! I will be participating again this year, because I truly believe every time I compete at these events I further my personal skill-set!"

The Smart Gadget Competition is designed to allow UNH students of all majors and skill levels to collaborate together, further their knowledge working with real-world technologies, and have the opportunity to work one-on-one with industry sponsors. If interested in registering, please visit the Smart Gadget Competition event page.

About the Connectivity Research Center
Connectivity is a multi-disciplinary research center focused on network engineering, cyber security, and collateral technology areas. The focus of our work is to investigate next generation communication systems to enable a more connected world. The networking research is also an enabling technology for other groups at the University of New Hampshire. This Center is unique due to its partnerships with industry, academia, and federal agencies.

About the UNH-IOL

The UNH-IOL is dedicated to being the world's premier data networking resource. Beginning in 1988, the UNH-IOL has built a multimillion dollar testbed and developed testing solutions to help companies efficiently and cost effectively deliver products to market. UNH-IOL’s services fit the needs of the market, while maintaining broad, comprehensive interoperability and conformance testing of networking, data, telecommunications, and storage products. The industry relies on UNH-IOL’s extensive staff experience, standards-bodies participation, 28,000+ square foot facility, and 100+ students who represent the future interoperability testing and verification. | Twitter @UNH_IOL | Facebook @UNHIOL

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Organization Contact:
Mara Bernazzani, +1-603-862-0901
Communications Coordinator