The UNH-IOL Now Uses Teledyne LeCroy SierraNet™ Ethernet and Fibre Channel Analyzers for NVMe over Fabrics Analysis

Santa Clara, CA, October 31, 2017 – The University of New Hampshire Interoperability Lab (UNH-IOL) recently announced new test equipment being used in their NVMe over Fabrics interoperability and conformance testing services, Teledyne LeCroy’s SierraNet Ethernet and Fibre Channel analyzers. The UNH-IOL will also add the SierraNet T328 and M328 analyzers to their test bed for standard 25/50/100GE and 8/16/32 FC protocol analysis and jamming. The SierraNet T328 features Teledyne LeCroy’s patented TAP4 passive probing technology, the most non-intrusive front end for Ethernet and Fibre Channel hardware based analyzers.

“This analyzer will add additional accuracy and efficiency to the UNH-IOL test bed for copper cable testing with 25/50/100GE and 32G FC. In addition, the ability to easily examine protocols, such as Auto-Negotiation, will simplify what can often be complex to debug”, stated Jeff Lapak, Associate Director for the UNH-IOL.

“The UNH-IOL and Teledyne LeCroy have a long-standing partnership in high speed protocol analysis, performance measurement and conformance testing. We rely on analysis solutions for Ethernet, Fibre Channel, PCI Express and NVMe in our industry leading test and interoperability/conformance labs. Utilizing the T328 and M328 for our NVMe over Fabrics program is a natural extension of our highly successful NVMe over PCI Express conformance and interoperability testing,” stated Tim Sheehan, Senior Engineer, Datacenter Technologies for the UNH-IOL.

“Supporting the 25-100GE IEEE 802.3 specifications, 25/50GE Consortium, and 32G Gen6 FC standards, the Teledyne LeCroy SierraNet T328 and SierraNet M328 are rapidly being accepted by the industry as the standard for cloud and datacenter networking analysis” said Jim Yasueda, Director of Business Development for Network Products at Teledyne LeCroy. “We have a very strong partnership with the UNH-IOL, and are very pleased to extend our partnership into the rapidly growing NVMe over Fabrics market. It was a high priority for us to add the T328 with TAP4 technology, and the M328 with error injection and jamming for higher layers of the protocols to the UNH-IOL’s test solutions”, added Mr. Yasueda.

The UNH-IOL is dedicated to being the world's premier data networking resource. Beginning in 1988, the UNH-IOL has built a multimillion dollar testbed and developed testing solutions to help companies efficiently and cost effectively deliver products to market. UNH-IOL’s services fit the needs of the market, while maintaining broad, comprehensive interoperability and conformance testing of networking, data, telecommunications, and storage products. The industry relies on UNH-IOL’s extensive staff experience, standards-bodies participation, 28,000+ square foot facility, and 100+ students who represent the future of interoperability testing and verification.

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