Plugfest Events

We have hosted many DSL group test events for the industry over the last 15 years, including Broadband Forum interoperability plugfests and hot staging events for industry trade shows.

All UNH-IOL hosted group test events are held in our advanced group test facility.


Plugfests events allow participants to collectively test their implementations in a neutral setting according to an agreed test plan. These test plans are commonly comprised of interoperability tests based on functional aspects of a given standard.

Interoperability plugfests generally last one week. Excluding time required for setup and teardown, participants can expect to get a full twelve hours of testing out of every day of the event, from 8am to 8pm. Gourmet lunch is provided to all participants, catered by UNH Hospitality Services.

Broadband Forum plugfests are based on test plans developed in cooperation with the Broadband Forum, and the UNH-IOL collects results for each plugfest and provides anonymous statistics to the Broadband Forum.

Hot Stage Events

Hot staging events help prepare participants for a specific trade show or interoperability demonstration. Generally, the hosting organization sets a standard that must be met during the hot stage prior to participation in the trade show or demo. The DSL Testing Service has hosted hot stages for Broadband World Forum and and many other demonstrations.

Trade Show/Test event support

We are also available for contract-based trade show and test event support on-site during the event. Support can include back-end networking, demo setup, troubleshooting, and presentations. Please contact us for additional information about on-site event support.

Upcoming Events