G.hn Access Pre-Certification Plugfest

Monday, September 26, 2022 - 8:00am to Friday, September 30, 2022 - 5:00pm
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The University of New Hampshire InterOperability Laboratory's (UNH-IOL) Broadband Testing Services will be hosting the 1st G.hn Access Pre-Certification Plugfest, beginning September 26, 2022, running through September 30, 2022. Participants MUST register to participate.  The plugfest is being planned as an in-person event, with allowances for remote participation.  All G.hn Access equipment MUST be on-site at the UNH-IOL, and will be either controlled by on-site teams or remotely controlled.  This event is being hosted in collaboration with Broadband Forum (https://www.broadband-forum.org) and HomeGrid Forum (https://homegridforum.org) as an opportunity for vendors to have early access to the forthcoming G.hn Access Certification testing being developed between the two forums. This event will be hosted in the UNH-IOL's facility, located at 21 Madbury Road, Suite 100, Durham, NH 03824 USA, with participants both on-site and remotely connecting to the test beds from around the world.

Specific questions not addressed here should be communicated to Lincoln Lavoie, Principal Engineer at +1-603-674-2755 or through our Contact Us page.

Registration Information

This is an official joint Broadband Forum and HomeGrid Forum event. Membership in the UNH-IOL is optional, however, your company MUST be a member of either the Broadband Forum or the Home Grid Forum to participate and gain access to the required test documents. For more information, visit www.broadband-forum.org or homegridforum.org.

The UNH-IOL, Broadband Forum, and the Home Grid Forum are distinct organizations. The UNH-IOL is hosting this event on behalf of the Broadband Forum and Home Grid Forum.

There is no attendance fee required for this event for companies who are members of the Broadband Forum or HomeGrid Forum.

All companies participating in the plugfest must complete the registration form below. A completed registration form, submitted prior to the event, will be the only means for access to the Plugfest facility. Please use the on-line registration form to register all attendees and devices.


  • On-line registration form
  • Registration Deadline: September 14, by 11:59pm USA Eastern Time
    • ​​Failure to register before the deadline will result in a $500 late registration fee.


Currently Registered Companies and Equipment

Company Equipment Provided
Albis Elcon CPE / GNT / Customer Side Device
Comtrend Corporation GAM / Network Side Device
CPE / GNT / Customer Side Device
CPE / GNT / Customer Side Device
devolo AG CPE / GNT / Customer Side Device
Methode Electronics, Inc. GAM / Network Side Device
GAM / Network Side Device
CPE / GNT / Customer Side Device
Positron Access Solutions Corp

GAM / Network Side Device
GAM / Network Side Device
CPE / GNT / Customer Side Device
CPE / GNT / Customer Side Device

ReadyLinks GAM / Network Side Device
GAM / Network Side Device
CPE / GNT / Customer Side Device
SendTek Corporation GAM / Network Side Device
CPE / GNT / Customer Side Device
CPE / GNT / Customer Side Device


Non-Disclosure Agreement

A Non-Disclosure Agreement must be signed by all participating companies, and must be on file prior to participation in the Plugfest. The Plugfest NDA for 2022 covers all G.hn Access Plugfests held from January 1, 2022 to December 31, 2022. Companies that have already signed the Plugfest NDA (their NDA's are already on file) need not sign it again until January 1, 2023, at which time a new Plugfest NDA will be issued.

  • To obtain a copy of the NDA for signature, please Contact Us.

Completed NDA forms should be faxed to Lincoln Lavoie at +1-603-862-4181, or reach out through our Contact Us page.

Formal Test Plan & Test Slots

The test plan for this event is Broadband Forum WT-476: G.hn Access Performance Test Plan. The document version used for the event will be the revision of the document pending the outcome of straw ballot comment resolutions. Note, your company must be a member of the Broadband Forum and you must have a working Broadband Forum login to access this test plan.  The test plan will be provided to Home Grid Forum member companies through a liaison from the Broadband Forum.

Test slots between pairs of participants are anticipated to be around 2 to 4 hours in length, pending the number of participants with each type of device.  Each participant pair will be allocated two formal test slots within the schedule.  The final schedule approximately 1 week before the start of the plugfest.  Testing will run between 8am and 5pm, eastern standard time, USA (EST).  Outside of the formal schedule, participants with idle time are invited to test in an ad hoc fashion with other idle participants. Participants attending the event in-person will be working directly with their equipment and the test equipment, along with UNH-IOL staff.  Remote participants will connect remotely to their equipment and will "follow along" in the test equipment using Teamviewer (or similar).  UNH-IOL staff will also provide “hands” within the lab to assist remote participants in all set up and handling of their equipment.  

Within the G.hn Access Certification, this plugfest is being considered as the “beta period” of the joint certification Part B: Performance testing (BBF.GHNA testing), according to the G.hn Access Certification Program Guidelines documentation, where that document governs the certification program, its related components, and participation of companies within the program.


Equipment Shipping Information

All equipment must be shipped to the University of New Hampshire InterOperability Laboratory to arrive no later than the week prior to the start of the event. 

Companies shipping equipment to the UNH-IOL are required to cover all shipping and customs/duties costs. Failure to do so will require the University of New Hampshire InterOperability Laboratory to bill the participating company for any outstanding shipping and customs/duties charges plus a one hundred dollar ($100.00 USD) handling fee.

The following shipping address MUST be used:

Attn: Nathan Miner / G.hn Plugfest
21 Madbury Road, Suite 100
Durham, NH 03824
Tel: +1-603-862-0090


  • No collect shipments will be accepted, and all shipping fees, including U.S. Customs charges, are the responsibility of the shipper. UNH-IOL will NOT pay for U.S. Customs charges, and prepayment of Customs charges is required.
  • Please remember that international shipments must be cleared through U.S. Customs, which could take up to a week of additional time in shipping.
  • Equipment presently housed at the UNH-IOL facility will be available for use during the Plugfest, provided that it is registered prior to the event.
  • The UNH-IOL facility does not accept weekend deliveries, please plan for your equipment to arrive during the week preceding the event.

Press Releases

This event is facilitated by the UNH-IOL for the Broadband Forum and Home Grid Forum. Due to the technical goals and confidentiality of these plugfests, no participants may issue a press release regarding their participation or results. It is the sole responsibility of the two forums to issue any press releases regarding this event.  

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