Looking for a Unique Summer Internship Opportunity?

Are you or someone you know a high school student interested in technology? If so, the University of New Hampshire InterOperability Laboratory (UNH-IOL) has a unique opportunity for you! Each summer, the UNH-IOL recruits the brightest and most ambitious high school students for paid internships at our state-of-the-art networking facility. The UNH-IOL requires students to apply for the program by April 20, 2012. Application materials include a completed application and essay, two letters of recommendation and an official transcript. Any additional materials, such as a resume, are optional.

The 2012 internship program will take place from July 9-August 24 (seven weeks) and will consist of 40 hours of work per week. During the summer with the UNH-IOL, students will be placed into a consortium, or technology area that aligns best with their interests. Each student will be paired with a fellow intern and both will undergo specific training based upon what their summer projects will entail. We train each intern and do not expect them to come into our organization with prior experience. Rather we want to find students with the drive to learn. Along with working in their assigned consortium, students will participate in site-visits to local industry organizations. These organizations include: Texas Instruments, Verizon, Liberty Mutual, ca, and more.

The program can be described as writing intensive, as students are expected to produce weekly, site-visit, and final write-ups. Each student's work will be evaluated and returned with constructive feedback to help in the improvement of the writing process. At the close of the summer, interns will present on what they have learned through the course of the summer. This day includes an awards ceremony that we invite parents, family and friends to be a part of.

As the coordinator of the program, I truly believe in the value the internship provides. I have witnessed first-hand the enjoyment it brings to students. From the beginning of the summer to the end, I have seen students transform, both socially and professionally. Having a summer internship provides students with an advantage on their college applications and can help them to determine where their interests and passions are. The experience and knowledge students take away from the UNH-IOL may not be found anywhere else. So, what are you waiting for...get involved and become an engineer that will shape the future of technology.

To learn more visit our High School Internship pages.

Pamela Woodland, Academic and Marketing Coordinator