I'm a home gateway and want an IPv6 Ready Logo, but which one?


Over the past couple of months, I have been receiving inquiries from home gateway (CPE) manufacturers about the existing IPv6 Ready Logo Phase-2 Core and the soon to be released CPE (November 2012) Logos. Some of these inquiries include: do I need a CPE Logo if I all ready have a Phase-2 Core Logo? Or, what's the difference in requirements between the two programs?

To much of the existing logo holders disappointment, the IPv6 Ready Logo Phase-2 Core testing will not satisfy all the requirements that the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) has defined in RFC 6204bis, "Basic Requirements for IPv6 Customer Edge Routers." Thus, the IPv6 Ready Logo committee created a new program called CPE Logo including the CE Router Test Specifications currently under public review.

These test specifications include test cases for the added functionality necessary to ensure seamless connectivity to the home user. Along with added functionality like DHCPv6, the test specifications hone in on the special nature of these lightweight routers. This little device must act like a host and a router depending on which network it's communicating with. Yes, really! Thus, the CE Router Test Specifications has different sections testing each network side where as the Phase-2 Core testing does not account for this type of requirement. For Phase-2 Core, the committee only requires that you perform the testing once, either as a host or a router, and you'll be granted a logo.

Thus, if you are a home gateway or CPE manufacturer and just skate by with a Phase-2 Core logo than you are providing a false sense of accomplishment to your customers and partners.

So what should you do until November 2012 when the CPE Logo is released? Well, there is a call out for public review of the test specifications and there are interoperability test events occurring approximately every six months at the UNH-IOL to prepare for the launch. Also, don't forget about World IPv6 Launch.

The home router requirements utilize the CE Router Interoperability Test Scenario (v.b8)(PDF) and require 100% pass in order to be included on this famous list.

Don't be left in the dark and don't fool your customers. Perform the right testing and everyone will be happy!

For more information about the IPv6 CPE Logo Program, as well as the lab's involvement with World IPv6 Launch, please read our latest press release: http://eon.businesswire.com/news/eon/20120319005329/en/UNH-IOL/IPv6-CE-Router/World-IPv6-Launch

Erica Johnson, Director