What’s new with the IOL INTACT® Software?

The IOL INTACT® software is an automated protocol test tool designed and developed by the UNH-IOL. Companies can use this tool to perform in-house testing for a variety of IPv6 and Routing protocols to help prepare for a variety of testing programs such as IPv6 Ready Logo, USGv6, Malaysia and ANATEL.

The latest version,, of the IOL INTACT® software was just released and includes several new features, making automation of testing easier than ever. This blog will cover...

INTACT® Release

The UNH-IOL is pleased to announce the release of the IOL INTACT® Network Test Automation Software. This long awaited update delivers our most requested features to our users and marks two significant paradigm shifts for the IOL INTACT® platform: Floating Licenses, and Virtual Machine Support. In addition, this release is combined with updates to two of the most popular IOL INTACT® test packages: IPv6 Core and CE Router. These updates include bug fixes, and for the first time complete PASS/FAIL Results reporting for each and every test case.

IPv6 Core INTACT Test Package Update

IPv6 Core Test Package Update Available Soon!

The newest release of the IPv6 Core Test Package for the IOL INTACT® software is nearly complete and will be available soon. This release includes complete PASS/FAIL results reporting, as well as improved test case execution and bug fixes.

The next release is planned for Fall 2014. This release will include the ability to create customizable scripts to control the operation of the Node Under Test. This will allow for fully automated...