What’s new with the IOL INTACT® Software?

The IOL INTACT® software is an automated protocol test tool designed and developed by the UNH-IOL. Companies can use this tool to perform in-house testing for a variety of IPv6 and Routing protocols to help prepare for a variety of testing programs such as IPv6 Ready Logo, USGv6, Malaysia and ANATEL. 

The latest version,, of the IOL INTACT® software was just released and includes several new features, making automation of testing easier than ever. This blog will cover the major updates including new testing capabilities.

A live webinar was hosted with a detailed look at the new features and updates of verson as well as a live demo and a Q&A. Please click here to view the recorded webinar. 

IPv6 RFC 8200 Additions
Version provides support for the updated IPv6 Internet Standard (RFC 8200/8201) packages being released in September. This will support the updated IPv6 Ready Logo Core Update and will allow users to quickly discover any issues they will need to address in the new standards.

Support for Multiple Sessions
One of the first things you’ll notice when using version is the redesigned GUI. The redesigned GUI now has fewer pop-up windows and is more self-contained to support the new feature of multiple sessions. If license seats are available, you can run testing on multiple devices in parallel. If no other license seats are available, IOL INTACT® will enter Review-Only mode. Review-Only mode still allows you to open results even when there are no more available license seats. This mode restricts all running of tests and editing of configurations, but still allows you to review captures, leave comments, and set user results.

Fully Featured CLI
Previous versions of IOL INTACT® offered a CLI that was not fully featured. This meant that in order to use the CLI, certain components, such as device configurations, had to be set via the GUI and then used in the CLI. Version introduces all the required functionality into the CLI so that the GUI is no longer required. This added functionality means that the entirety of the IOL INTACT® ecosystem can run in a completely headless environment. For those who have already integrated the CLI into their CI environments, we’ve added functionality to run tests and automatically export the results into a CSV format.

Version also introduces a new REST API which is ideal for CI environments. This makes integrating IOL INTACT® into any CI environment easy and seamless. The REST API was also built following the OpenAPI 3.0 specification which allows for trivial client stub generation to interface with the API.

A new addition to the Packet Generator in version is DPDK support. This addition allows for the ability to test higher speed interfaces (e.g. 40/100G) with IOL INTACT®. 

I hope you found this blog interesting, informative, and learned more about the newest features of IOL INTACT®. IOL INTACT® is the perfect tool for in-house IPv6 Testing for protocols such as IPsec/IKEv2, IPv6 CE Router, and DHCPv6.  More information about the available packages can be found on the IOL’s solutions page. If you have any questions or inquiries, please submit them via our solutions page or simply email intact@iol.unh.edu. To learn about IOL INTACT check out our overview video.