Meet the 2018 HighTech Bound Interns

We are excited to share the big news, we have officially hired 14 interns for the upcoming 13th year of our HighTech Bound Program. Their first day is Monday, July 9, 2018. We couldn't have done anything without the support of our 2018 Sponsors.

Abigail attends Derryfield School in Manchester, NH. She is committed to an engineering path and is excited for this opportunity for hands-on learning. Abigail also participated in the BAE System Women in Technology Program where she was exposed to several different engineering disciplines. She is also interested in Chinese as well as culture, and has been studying Mandarin for years.

Photo of Abigail Lenard

Austin attends Londonderry High School and really enjoys programming with experience in Python, C, C#, C++, TypeScript, and Java. One of his favorite things to do is to learn new languages, and find a project to apply them to. Austin wanted to share with everyone a joke: Why do chemists like nitrates so much? They're cheaper than day rates!

Photo of Austin Theriault

Ben attends the Fall Mountain Regional High School in Langdon, NH. Ben has done a good bit of programming using Java for his school’s robotics Team 4958 - Robocats where he is the team’s lead programmer. Currently, Ben has an internship with his school's IT department and enjoys building PC's from single parts.

Picture of a computer

Bobby attends Portsmouth High School. His interest in computer science began when he was 11 when he started to play Minecraft. Bobby teamed up with a friend and began programming specialized plugins for Minecraft and created a server of games they coded which people could visit. They ended up selling the plugins, which included over 20 self-coded games and other essential programs, to an owner of another Minecraft server. Bobby enjoys working with computers, golfing, math and science, and traveling!

Photo of Bobby Devito

Bryan attends the Newmarket Jr/Sr High School and has published three apps on Google including Wurmhole, Fimbulvinter, and Stallion Spin. He is also learning or learned other programming languages at the Seacoast School of Technology including Python, C#, C++ and Java. Bryan is an aspiring video game designer/ programmer who enjoys reading, drawing, learning about ancient mythologies, and plotting to rule the world!

Photo of Bryan McKenney

Connor attends Pinkerton Academy in Derry, NH and his interest in computers started when he earned his computer merit badge as a boy scout. Years later, he built his first computer with his dad and became intrigued with how they work, including communicating with each other via networks. Connor will be working on an IT project for the lab.

Photo of Connor Floyd

Crimson attends Monadnock Regional High School in Swanzey, NH and his programming endeavor began in 7th grade with HTML/CSS and Javascript. Currently, Crimson is working on his senior project, ConneX, which is an application that is geared towards assisting blended families with scheduling and communication. He enjoys being creative and can often be found developing card games (Bodissey is pictured), playing the trumpet, coding applications and studying Martial Arts.

Photo of Crimson Wheeler

Drake lives in Sandown, NH where he built a custom computer at the age of fourteen, mainly for gaming. He learned a lot while finding and repairing parts and learning how to put it all together. He enjoys programming in Python, Java, HTML, CSS, and BASH. Drake has also attended the UNH Summer Tech Camps where he worked with the IOL on different technologies. Drake likes to learn and practice programming, and solve problems. He also enjoys having fun and playing video games.

Photo of Drake Thomas

Elena attends Dover High School in our neighboring town of Dover, NH and since seventh grade has been in the FIRST program learning to build robots. She is a co-captain of the Shockwave Robotics team and will be working on custom software for the lab. Elena is excited about the experience but also making new friends and being apart of something so cool. She is truly excited for the internship because of her passion and excitement for engineering, the arts, and learning new things!

Photo of Elena Chan

Kate attends Massabesic High School in Waterboro, ME where she enjoys computer science and dirt biking. When she was in 8th grade she invented a Gopro windshield wiper to use while dirt biking using arduino boards and C/C++ functions. Kate ended up winning an Invention Convention competition with her product. Kate is really interested in programming, and excited to learn more about the industry. She recently started teaching herself Python.

Photo of Kate Bacon

Morgan attends Spaulding High School in Rochester, NH and her passion for computers and technology started her freshman year during an intro to programming course. She enjoys working in HTML and CSS and has also played around with Java, JavaScript, Python and Ruby. Morgan is also Cisco Certified in IT Essentials and was a Tech Leader last summer at a UNH Tech Camp. Computers are her biggest passion and she plans on going into cyber security.

Photo of Morgan Pierce

Owen attends Oyster River High School right here in Durham, NH. His father, a software developer, showed him how to use his first computer in kindergarten! He enjoys using C++ and is currently a teaching assistant in his schools ORHS Advanced Programming class. Owen is an avid dungeon master, gamer, reader, and hobbyist programmer. You can find him either working on a project or sitting in an armchair with his favorite book, Return of the King by J. R. R. Tolken.

Photo of Owen Hilyard

Sam also attends Pinkerton Academy with Connor and his interest in technology started in fifth grade where he was blown away by all the possibilities of Scratch. He then went on to Codecademy to learn HTML and CSS. Sam is the lead programmer on his VEX Robotics team and when he's not doing homework, he loves playing video games and marathoning The Office for the 7th time on Netflix!

Photo of Sam Chaturvedi

Sumana attends Neuqua Valley High School in Naperville, IL and is our farthest traveler this summer! She created an app called, Designated Driver last summer, which has been implemented at larger colleges in Illinois. Sumana was also selected as an intern at I Start Valley where she completed the Stanford Design Thinking course and the MIT Entrepreneurship course. She also enjoys biking and reading in her free time and is very excited to learn more about computer science this summer!

Photo of Sumana Nukala