Meet our High School Summer Interns!

We are excited to share the big news, we have officially hired 12 interns for the upcoming 12th year of our HighTech Bound Program. Their first day is Monday, June 23rd. We couldn't have done anything without the support of our 2017 Sponsors.

 Aaron Hill

Aaron attends Hollis Brookline High School located in Hollis, NH. He has experience in JIRA and has worked on several projects on github using different languages, and also got his CCNA certification. Aaron is excited to work in our IP Testing Group and is hoping to improve on his social skills during his time at the lab.

Catie Rencricca 

Catie attends the Convent of the Sacred Heart located in Manhattan. She has been programming for the last 4 years, starting with Python, and also works independently on projects as a web designer. Catie considers herself to be self sufficient, self motivated and a good public speaker and a dog, coffee enthusiast. She will be working in the IP Testing Group and hopes to learn to be more vocal about her opinions. 

Connor Reinhold

Connor attends Lincoln Sudbury Regional High School located in Sudbury, MA. He considers himself to be a quick learner and enjoys programming and learning in general. Connor is fluent in Java and Swift and will be working in our Embedded Testing Group. He hopes to improve his computer networking skills this summer. 

Connor Northway 

Connor attends Thornton Academy located in Saco, ME. He works in Java, is self taught in Python, and really enjoys working in all aspects of technology, from micro-controllers to Information Security. Connor will also be working in our Embedded Testing Group and he hopes to improve his programming skills, working with other languages, and be less shy when talking with strangers.

Dante Sivo

Dante attends Hopkinton High School located in Hopkinton, MA. He has always been interested in Computer Science and has used Robot C in his VEX Robotics team. Dante is also an Eagle Scout and has been for years. He will be working in our Broadband Testing Group and hopes to improve his social skills and gain a better insight into how the industry works.

Marc Tausanovitch 

Marc attends Windham High School located in Windham, NH. He is really looking forward to getting more into technology and is currently finishing up a Computer Science course. Marc plays soccer and tennis as well as the trumpet, works in Java, and does some soldering with his Dad from time to time. He will be working in our Baseband Testing Group and would like to learn more about networking as well as improving his hardware testing skills. 

Megan Hellier

Megan is our farthest traveler and attends Richmond Burton Community High School located in Richmond, IL. She has taken a class in C++ and also participated in many clubs and community events. Her friends call her Meg and when she's not at school or doing community work, you can always find her on the computer. She will also be working in our Embedded Testing Group with the Connors' and hopes to experience real life technology and hands on training.

Natalie Zucco

Natalie attends Exeter High School located in Exeter, NH. She recently fell in love with programming and is looking forward to learning more about the industry. Natalie has experience in Python, HTML/CSS, dipping her toes into SQL and enjoys solving complex puzzles. She will be working in our IP Testing Group and would like to learn programming languages while also gain more confidence in herself over this summer. 

Shane Hancox

Shane attends Masconomet Regional High School located in Middleton, MA. He has been taking Computer Science for the past 3 years with experience in HTML, Java, Flash, AS6, Visual Basic, CSS and PHP and also takes Spanish. He is adventurous, outgoing and enjoys fishing, hiking and the outdoors. Shane will be working in our Broadband Testing Group and is looking forward to see what an average day of an Engineer is like as well as more insight in the industry. 

Sonya DeLorie

Sonya attends Bow High School located in Bow, NH. She has a big interest in technology and has been involved with Robotics since the 6th grade. Sonya has experience in Java, C++, is the captain of FIRST Tech Challenge Robotics Team 9620 The ROUS's and also enjoys lacrosse & swimming. She will also be working in our Embedded Testing Group and is excited learn more about programming, experience Electrical Engineering, and improve her communication skills. 

Hunter Kjendal

Hunter attends Portsmouth Christian Academy located in neighboring Dover, NH. A previous Robotics class peaked his interest in our program and has experience in C, Python, and Java. Hunter has had more experience with mechanical robotics activities and will be working in our Data Center Testing Group. He hopes to grow his skills in computer networking as well as the ability to collaborate in a team environment. 

Thomas Trowsdale

Thomas attends Winnisquam Regional High School, located in Tilton, NH. He enjoys working in several areas of technology, with experience in Python and has installed Ubuntu and used Wireshark. Thomas will be working in our Baseband Testing Group and would like to learn more about networking and improve his time management skills while working at the lab.