Final Thoughts About My Summer at the UNH-IOL

Throughout this six week internship, I have learned a lot in such little time while at the IOL and I have enjoyed every moment. Some of my favorite times were rebuilding a computer, learning new code, as well as working with the other IP interns Tim, Grayson, Jasiah, and the rest of the IP team. In addition, the site visits were an eye-opening experience and very informative for my understanding of Computer Science.

During the first week at the IOL, I did not have a clue what my project was and how I would complete it. I researched my project throughout the week to learn the basics of Linux and Opendaylight. Once I had an understanding of Linux, I identified  the steps I needed to take to accomplish and present my final project at the end of the program. Over the next few weeks I started working with networking platforms such as ONOS, Opendaylight, and RYU. During my  time  learning  these platforms, I  enjoyed working with Opendaylight the most.

As I progressed through the program, I endured errors through the process of connecting switches and installing other networking programs and became rather frustrated. However, I had lots of help correcting some of the errors occurring in the terminal. I had less help solving errors involving Opendaylight, where I was able to problem solve and figure out the issue on my own. After reading and researching more on Opendaylight, I started to answer my past questions and began to ask more in depth  questions. Tim, the IP manager, helped me with the tougher questions. He  suggested I  collaborate with Jasiah on Internet of Things. Explaining how to do so, Tim helped us  connect  the switch that was needed  between the projects of Internet of Things and Software Defined Networking. At this time during my project process, I knew exactly what needed to be accomplished and how I  would get it  done. With Grayson's help, Jasiah and I were confident in our projects and excited to present them.

Throughout the program, the IOL had onsite visits to seven local tech companies and labs, these were all very educational and fun. We also had HPE and Microsoft visit the IOL  to present a “TechTalk” to all the interns on their companies. My favorite site visit was to Verizon. I was amazed to see how much the company had grown at such a fast rate and their Innovation Room was amazing with all new inventions and ideas that Verizon had for the future. My favorite item in the room was the Table Map of Boston.. The technology behind it was interesting because it allowed you to view Boston live just by putting your iPad over the Table Map.  I thoroughly enjoyed all the site visits this internship had to offer this summer.

During my time as an intern at the IOL, I learned a lot about how to put my education to use and implement my problem solving skills into my work. I am thoroughly impressed by how much the IOL has to offer the students  over the summer. I am so thankful for being able to take part in such an awesome opportunity. I thank Sam, the Academic Coordinator, for putting all the site visits together, schedules, organizing our ceremony, and for coming with us on all of our trips; Grayson, for having the patience to teach me what was needed and even more involving Computer Science; Tim, for helping me with some of the toughest questions, and working along side me  to  finally get the answer we were looking for. Lastly the IP staff , they all work so hard and always have enough time to help you with any questions you may have. I thoroughly enjoyed this internship and I am looking forward to see where it will lead me next.