Taking High School and College by Storm

Jeremy Plsek, a sophomore Computer Science major at the University of New Hampshire, and a current UNH-IOL employee, started his career at the lab as a summer intern after his junior year of high school. Jeremy began working in the Digital Living Consortium (DLC), where he was immediately exposed to real world technology. He started by creating the server for his group’s project and gaining industry experience right off the bat. Aside from his group project, Jeremy also spent his time as an intern performing web development work. Through this experience, learned the basics of VIM, which he says is the basis of all of his work that he does at the lab now. Jeremy said that his favorite part about the internship was the site visits because he was able to relate his work to real world applications. The most memorable site visit that Jeremy attended was the visit to Extreme Networks. He was able to observe the full experience of working at the facility and get a first hand look at some of the projects that the company was working on. During his senior year of high school, Jeremy continued his work at the UNH-IOL as a part time employee where he worked in the Digital Living Consortium (DLC).  

“From working at the IOL, I have learned a lot about the tech industry and the standards that go into creating interoperable and working technologies. I have also become better at programming from the side projects that have been assigned to me over time,” Jeremy stated. In addition to standards and working technologies Jeremy has developed new technical skills at the lab. Jeremy gained experience working with Raspberry Pi’s as he created digital signage for the lab and also gained valuable web development knowledge through PHP and Javascript.

Jeremy has learned from his experience at the lab and has even begun to share his knowledge with new interns and other students through workshops and tech camps. Outside of the lab, Jeremy, along with a former UNH-IOL employee competes in cyber competitions. In fact, he placed second in their most recent event through the UNH-Cyber Security Club. At school, the pair and a long time friend, started the Linux Club at UNH. Jeremy gives presentations and advice to other club members who are eager to learn about Linux. He attributes his wealth of knowledge and high confidence in his work to his time at the UNH-IOL.

All of Jeremy’s success began the day he started the UNH-IOL High School Summer Internship Program. It is a six week paid internship program in which interns gain hands on experience working with UNH-IOL equipment and networking with top industry professionals.

Find out how you can start your career as a UNH-IOL Summer Intern here. This year, it starts on June 27th and ends on August 5th. The application for Summer of 2016 is now open! Apply Today!