G.fast Certification is Getting Closer

The UNH-IOL is having another impressive year growing our new memberships. With the DSL industry making big strides, the lab is continuing to be a leader in testing services and will soon offer a testing for the Broadband Forum certification program for G.fast. As a newly emerging standard, the lab planned to stay ahead of the game by jumping right into exploring what G.fast had to offer. Fast forward a year or so later, and we are eager to see the turnout of our 7th Plugfest hosted with member companies here at our lab’s GTP.

Chosen by the Broadband Forum as the only official test site for G.fast certification, we are ready to launch the program come 2016. As a lab that strives to consistently ensure the best practices in a neutral testing facility, we are thrilled to see such acceptance by various member companies who have already been preparing with G.fast Beta Program. It is the early adopters that implement and test with us that allow the lab to flourish as these technologies and tools advance.

As always, the lab encourages as many companies and individuals to get involved as much as possible. Be sure to visit our events page to learn about upcoming Plugfests, these events are an opportunity for vendors to test the interoperability of their G.fast chipset implementation(s). In order to prepare the industry for next year's certification our Senior Engineer of the Broadband Consortium worked with a student employee on a white paper discussing and illustrating the Certification Test Setup. “We created the whitepaper as a resource for our industry partners and customers, allowing them to recreate our testing in their labs as they prepare their devices for certification testing. The whitepaper explains how to physically construct the cable plant required for the G.fast testing in a way that avoids negative impacts, such as cross-talk between individual loop lengths,” says Senior Engineer Lincoln Lavoie.

Be sure to download your copy of the G.fast White Paper and continue to check in on our website to learn how the certification is progressing or follow us online! If you have any questions about joining the G.fast consortium be sure to visit our testing page.