ONIE Open Solutions Validating Services: Enabling Enterprises to Using Open Solutions in Data Center Technologies

Recently, the UNH-IOL launched the new Open Network Install Environment (ONIE) Logo Certification Program. ONIE allows a network operating system to be easily installed on any whitebox switch hardware that supports ONIE. ONIE is installed on the  mass storage device in the switch during the manufacturing process and enables automation and installation of a NOS image once the switch is installed in the customer network. ONIE saves time and money for data center operation by automating NOS installation and updating on  network hardware.

ONIE is enabling more enterprises to migrate to using open solutions in the data center. Often, these customers for open solutions are facing challenges that were previously handled by systems integrators, challenges that may require significant testing resources. To assist enterprises with these challenges in an open solutions migration, we are  also launching the Open Solutions Validation Service. This service will take the expertise and knowledge gained from working with the Open Compute Project Networking group, and offer it to enterprises that are deploying open solutions in their datacenters. The ability to validate individual components and their interoperability and reliability in a larger system will be essential for enterprise datacenter deployments.

The launching of both Open Network Install Environment (ONIE) Logo Certification Program and the Open Solutions Validation Service, gives us the opportunity to see advancement within the Open Networking test services. We have gained years of experience testing various data communications protocols and technologies, that could contribute to all your Open Networking test needs. Available now as a part of the UNH-IOL Open Networking Test Services or individually as a pay-per-test service, the ONIE Tested Logo and ONIE Tested Integrators List validate interoperability of products. Testing plays a large part within certification programs, and the use of independent, unbiased third-party testing is a contribution to the success of certifying devices. To learn more, please visit the ONIE page or email us today.