Range vs. Throughput (RvT) and octoScope Testing at the UNH-IOL

The UNH-IOL has been a leader in testing Wireless LAN technologies and products since the inception of the IEEE 802.11 standards. The Wireless Testing is industry-supported and works with members to provide a neutral test environment with industry accepted test methodologies to promote and foster the interoperability of Wireless LAN devices. The lab offers testing services for both consumer and enterprise grade 802.11 stations and access points.

With the ever expanding use of mobile and small devices, performance and range have become key factors in successful wireless deployments. To help our customers meet those expectations, we extended our services by launching the Range vs. Throughput (RvT) testing service back in November 2014. The RvT testing helps evaluate the performance of member products at simulated distances through the use of octoScope’s octoBox and Multi-Path Emulator (MPE) testing equipment. The testing capability gave a point of reference to see the performance gains produced by ever-improving 802.11 standards over the years, working with manufacturers during the entire development cycle. Our RvT is already our most popular testing service within the Wireless Consortium.

We have evolved again and are excited to announce the launch of the newest test suite 802.11ac Wave2 Evaluation. This testing service evaluates the performance gains of MU-MIMO devices. MU-MIMO allows access points to communicate with multiple stations simultaneously. In the past, every device had to wait to transmit and receive its data. With MU-MIMO, devices have far more efficient use of the wireless medium and can provide throughput increases of more than double that of non MU-MIMO devices. As a premiere testing facility for the Wireless Industry we feel this new test suite, Wave2 Evaluation, will gain some major traction in 2016.

“Skyworks was looking for a place to test its high performance, range extending Wi-Fi front-end solutions,” said Alistair Manley, Connectivity Product Line Manager for Skyworks’ Diversified Analog Solutions Business. “We found that the UNH – IOL facility had all the equipment and expertise we needed. Their facility was well resourced and staffed with qualified individuals who were a pleasure to work with. They also provided us with timely reports and analytics.”

To learn more about our latest test suite please visit our Wireless Test Suite and download your copy today. These documents are constantly being updated to improve readability and to reflect the current specifications. If you have any further questions regarding the Wireless Consortium or its services please Contact Us or call +1-603-862-2911.