NVMe Plugfest FAQ

Below you will find answers to frequently asked questions about the NVM Express Plugfest. Be sure to check back regularly as questions are still being added.

When is the next plugfest?

NVMe Plugfest #18 is planned for November 14 - 17 for Fabrics products and November 7 - 10 for PCIe products at UNH-IOL in Durham, NH. More info can be found on our registration page.

Who should attend the plugfest?

Companies that are well along in the development of NVMe products should attend the event. It is expected that available products be able to demonstrate basic functionality with one of the publicly available Windows or Linux reference NVMe drivers.

When does registration close?

Attendees should complete registration by October 31 for the Fabrics event and October 24 for the PCIe event.

Is there a schedule for the plugfest?

As products are registered for the event, UNH-IOL will create a schedule that outlines what days and times products will be tested, and what products they will be tested against. Every effort is made to have products scheduled so that there is as little down time and possible. UNH-IOL will distribute this schedule to participants shortly after registration closes. This schedule can only be created once products have registered, so be sure to register as soon as possible.

Which OS/Test systems are supported?

A complete listing of NVMe Hosts and Devices is available through UNH-IOL for interoperability testing can be found in the UNH-IOL NVMe Equipment List.

Other proprietary systems may be made available for interop testing by plugfest attendees. Please note that these are the systems that will be available for interop testing at the plugfest. It is not necessary to pass interop testing with each of these systems to qualify for the NVMe Integrators List. Information on what systems must be tested against in order to qualify for the NVMe Integrators List can be found in the latest version of the NVMe Integrators List Policy.

How long will test execution take?

Typically conformance tests can be performed in under 1 hr. Running interoperability tests between an NVME SSD and all the interop systems specified above would take approximately 3.5 hrs. In addition to these systems, there may be other system vendors present at the event with systems available for interop testing. UNH-IOL will structure the schedule such that all devices are able to be paired with the appropriate systems to meet the integrators list qualifications.

Where can I get the test software?

IOL INTERACT software is available to active members of the UNH-IOL NVMe Consortium. Additionally selected scripts that run on the LeCroy Summit tool are available to active members of the UNH-IOL NVMe Consortium. If you are interested in using these in your own lab, please Contact Us.

Software for performing NVMe-MI Conformance Testing using the Teledyne-LeCroy T-34 can be obtained directly from Teledyne-LeCroy.

What if my product is not in the CEM form factor? Do I need to bring an adapter?

Yes. Hosts provided by UNH-IOL will have CEM connectors. If you product has a different form factor (i.e. SFF-8639 or M.2) please be prepared to bring your own adapter to connect your product to a CEM connector on a Host.

Where can I find the tests that will be executed ?

The UNH-IOL NVMe Interop Test Suite, available here, describes the testing that will be attempted between NVMe hosts and devices at the plugfest. Additionally test stations will be setup by UNH-IOL to run the NVMe Conformance Test Suite, available here.

Is there a fee to attend the event?

The event is open only to companies with active memberships in the UNH-IOL NVMe test service. There is no registration fee for the event beyond the yearly consortium membership fee. A current list of members can be seen here

Is the event open to the public?

No. The event is open only to companies with active memberships in the UNH-IOL NVMe test service. Additionally attending companies are required to bring a product to the event for testing. This product may be a prototype hardware or software platform. There is no provision for companies to attend as observers only.

Is there an event NDA?

Confidentiality of the event is governed by the UNH-IOL Usage Agreement and the UNH-IOL NVMe Consortium Charter. Since all attending companies are members of the consortium, and have agreed to the confidentiality terms in the Usage Agreement and Consortium Charter, there is no additional NDA.

Will there be any protection provided for DUT/prototype devices?

The event will occur in a locked facility that is not open to the public, however it is a lab environment. We encourage all attendees to take reasonable precautions to protect their products.

How many people from my company can come to the event?

Up to four persons from your company may attend the event. If you need more than 4 persons, please contact kerry.munson@iol.unh.edu, there will be a modest charge to handle additional catering.

How many products can my company bring to the event?

Currently we're allowing each company to register 2 products. If you would like to test more than 2 products, please contact kerry.munson@iol.unh.edu. There is no charge for bringing more than 2 products, however we will address these requests on a space available basis.

After the event will my product be listed on the NVMe Integrators List?

The NVMe Promoters Group has determined the eligibility requirements for products to be listed on the NVMe Integrators List. Eligibility is based on passing a series of interop and conformance tests. During the event, the necessary interop and conformance testing will be available. If products complete and pass the necessary tests, they will be eligible for the NVMe Integrators List.

If my company is unable to attend the event, can I still get my product be listed on the NVMe Integrators List?

Yes. UNH-IOL will offer the same test services available at the plugfest, on a weekly basis for consortium members throughout the year. Products that complete the necessary interop and conformance testing, and pass the necessary tests, will be eligible for the NVMe Integrators List.

What is the UNH-IOL Shipping address?

21 Madbury Rd, Durham Suite 100, NH 03824 Attn: NVMe Test Service

Where can I find travel information?

Please click Visitor Information to find travel information.

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