IOL Star Recipients in 2022

January 2022

Spencer Janelle

Spencer has been with us since the summer before his freshman year. He started as a test technician, quickly learning multiple test plans. He then learned LabVIEW to be able to update and improve our test tools, while continuing to learn more difficult test plans. He quickly became the senior technician on the ANEG test team, taking over training, reviewing reports and results from his team, and helping to on-board new hires. He has also become a great resource for both his team and the rest of the Baseband Industry for troubleshooting problem devices, debugging test setups, and answering general questions from our team and others. This summer, Spencer took on an additional role to help organize and improve our process for building, testing, and selling our test fixtures to our customers. He has trained additional technicians to solder and populate the boards, and worked with the team to improve the process overall. When he’s not helping out in the Baseband industry, he can often be found helping out with labwide activities. Spencer has frequently given tours and talks to prospective students and often assisted with our STEM outreach activities before COVID. He has also been a lead developer for the Tracker Bot and acted as a point person for the making the Tracker Bot into the much less annoying Availability Bot during the most recent Hack Day. Overall, it has been fantastic to have Spencer as part of the ANEG team, our Baseband team, and the IOL as a whole. His ability to learn things quickly and train others has greatly benefited our team, those around him, and the value we are able to provide to our customers.

Photo of spencer

Wesley Newsam

Wesley has been an instrumental employee in the Wireless Testing Service, overseeing the majority of testing over the past year. Wesley’s excellent knowledge of the OctoScope test equipment and great troubleshooting skills ensure the team keep up with testing throughput, and enable the UNH-IOL to provide our customers with the highest quality results. Over the past 6 months, the lab has enabled multiple vendors to publish the first BBF.398 Grade Wi-Fi devices, which is the industry's first ever Wi-Fi performance benchmark. Going beyond his responsibilities in the Wireless Testing Service, Wesley has worked directly on a contract project, spanning DSL, DOCSIS, and Wi-Fi technologies, gathering performance, throughput, and latency measurements that have enabled the creation of detailed network emulation models for those technology combinations. Those models are now being used in the ongoing development and improvement of video codecs used for interactive online services and gaming. Wesley’s hard work is credited to his dedication to the UNH-IOL and our customers.

Photo of wesley

Morgan Kahn

Morgan Kahn has worked with us for just over a year now and has made a big impact on our NVMe testing and customer satisfaction. Morgan is very reliable and puts in quality work both during semester and during our break periods. Since her start, NVMe has progressed into a very test heavy group, with testing occurring at least 45 weeks out of the year, and without a solid reliable test team, we would quickly fall behind and have big problems. Coming from a non-technical background, Morgan has applied herself into a different world with debugging and troubleshooting, and is able to work out problems in testing that otherwise could cause delays and other problems. It has been great to see Morgan develop her debugging skills and become a lead tester in the group. She is also always willing to help out and has a great attitude towards work, and is constantly looking for the next thing to work on to keep the group testing running smoothly. She is a member of the group that we never have to worry about if she will get her tasks completed in a timely manner, give her a job to do and Morgan will get it done!

Photo of morgan

Dilan Patel

Dilan Patel has worked in the Datacenter NVMe group for almost a year and has become one of the most productive individuals on the team. Dilan consistently exceeds his hours worked and productivity. He likes to dig into issues that require it and resolves many customer issues in a timely manner. He has addressed the most customer issues in the NVMe group. Dilan has become a “goto” person in the group due to his ability to get to the root of the problem. Dilan also created a tool to allow us to scan all of the NVMe SSDs that come in for testing to give us a database of SSDs and support features. This database has been used constantly since its inception. He has taken it upon himself to learn and debug the Avery QEMU system, was instrumental in finding an issue with older system command sets problem, and continues to work on his primary projects of ZNS and DDCSSD development. Dilan mentors junior technicians and offers assistance easily. Keep up the great work Dilan it is greatly appreciated.

Photo of dilan

Dan Kirichok

Dan Kirichok has been working on the IPv6 testing team and has recently started to transition towards INTACT development. After joining the IPv6 team, Dan quickly got up to speed on the Core and Address Architecture test suites. He has since become one of the group’s strongest and most dependable technicians, helping other team members with their testing or automation issues and device setup whenever he can, and even performing overtime testing when the need arises. As Dan has been transitioning to INTACT development, he has been curious, intuitive, and receives feedback from other members of the team very well. Dan has been a quick learner and over the course of only a couple of months, he has picked up the basics of the INTACT software and is providing great value to the team. As one of the more senior employees in IP (and in the lab as a whole), Dan’s experience and ability can shine through in any project he takes on.


Photo of Dan