IOL INTERACT™ software expedites and automates the testing of NVMe SSDs and NVMe-oF products.

SSD Power and Performance Levels: The Latest Release of IOL INTERACT™

Going into summer 2019, I was a full time software developer in the NVMe testing group at the UNH-IOL and focused primarily on test script development for the automated testing application, IOL INTERACT™ . IOL INTERACT™ is a software package used to automatically perform the NVMe Conformance Test plan, which can qualify products for the NVMe Integrators list. As a test script developer, I worked directly on with testing prototype NVMe drives, which gave me a hands on and...

UNH-IOL Updates Testing Software for NVM Express Conformance Testing to Address the Latest NVMe over Fabrics Release

DURHAM, N.H., August 5, 2019 – The University of New Hampshire InterOperability Laboratory (UNH-IOL), an independent provider of broad-based testing and standards conformance services for the networking industry, today announced the latest release of their software, IOL INTERACT, a tool designed for SSD integrators, SSD controllers and System Integrators to automate testing for NVMe™ SSDs and NVMe-oF products. The UNH-IOL will be holding an educational webinar on 28 August 2019 at 1:00 PM EST highlighting their NVMe Testing Software and...

UNH-IOL Offers NVMe-oF Testing, Software, List


The University of New Hampshire Interoperability Lab is now offering NVMe-oF testing services and related resources. This leading facility, based in Durham, is an NBASE-T member.

NVMe-oF stands for Non-Volatile Memory Express over Fabrics. This standard enables data centers to access flash and solid-state drives over Ethernet and Fibre Channel networks. That allows them to run applications using a much larger storage pool than is possible with NVMe alone.

But in announcing this news, UNH-IOL – which in...

Intro to IOL INTERACT-NVMe Test Software

In recent years, UNH-IOL has expanded beyond just test services, and now offers several conformance test tools that members can use to replicate the UNH-IOL capability in their own labs. One example of this is the IOL INTERACT tool used for NVMe conformance testing. There are two versions of the IOL INTERACT tool, and we'll be discussing both of them.