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FQTSS Overview William Gravelle

FQTSS is defined in the IEEE standard 801.Q Clause 34; Forwarding and Queuing Enhancements for Time-Sensitive Streams. The term FQTSS is used to describe a set of tools which are used to forward and queue time-sensitive streams. Since AVB frames cannot be dropped, there must be a mechanism in place to forward AVB frames quickly and efficiently. This is where FQTSS (aka Qav) comes into play. This paper goes into the components that make up FQTSS.

July 16, 2013 White Papers
Fundamentals of DSL Technology Philip Golden, Herve Dedieu, Krista S. Jacobsen

From back of book: "Fundamentals of DSL Technology... combines the strengths of the field's most renowned DSL experts, providing a foundation of all aspects of DSL system design."

June 26, 2012 Recommended Textbooks
Further Testing of TRILL (TRansparent Interconnection of Lots of Links) Christina Dube

The University of New Hampshire InterOperability Laboratory (UNH-IOL) hosted its second TRansparent Interconnection of Lots of Links (TRILL) Interoperability Test Event the week of May 20 - May 24, 2013 at its 32,000+ square-foot facility in Durham, New Hampshire. The test event brought together implementers of TRILL as well as test equipment manufacturers that support TRILL. The purpose of the test event was to gain a perspective on the current status of TRILL implementation and interoperability. Participants included Extreme Networks, Hewlett-Packard Networking, Huawei Technologies, and Ixia.

May 31, 2016 White Papers Certification Test Setup & Calibration Lincoln Lavoie, Michael Arnoldy

The forthcoming Broadband Forum Certification Program, based on the ID-337 test plan, presents a number of unique challenges, including requirements for testing multiple CPEs (customer premise equipment) connected to a DPU (demarcation point unit) using a multi-pair cable. This white paper describes an approach to the construction of a copper cable plant...

May 31, 2016 White Papers
glossary of Time and Frequency terms (NIST)

This is an informal glossary for educational purposes. It is reviewed by experts but is not intended to replace more formal definitions in standards. (Click the “Notes” link at the website for details.)

June 27, 2012 External Links
High Speed Digital Subscriber Line - Second Generation ANSI T1.418-2000 Start-up Phase Test Suite Stephen Scapicchio

InterOperability is becoming increasingly important in today?s communication industry. In a time when the consumer has more choice and flexibility in their home networking and Internet services than ever before, single vendor solutions are nearly impossible and most definitely impractical. For this reason manufacturers are taking every precaution to make sure their products work properly with all other manufacturers? products. In this spirit standards bodies are formed with the claim that modems will work collectively if they adhere to the approved standard. However, as with all documents the standards are open to interpretation. This test suite will ensure complete activation phase compliance of a High Bit Rate Digital Subscriber Line- Second Generation modem. The tests are designed to scrutinize the modems adherence to American Nation Standards Industry?s Ti.418-2000 High bit rate Digital Subscriber Line- 2nd Generation (HDSL2) approved standard. All anticipated results are based on this document and the validity of the anticipated results can be proved using this document. The methods of testing are as low level as possible and do not rely on a specific vendor?s product so the most accurate and unbiased results may be obtained.

May 15, 2001 Theses
How to Make Cable Plants Jon Beck and Austin Boech

An overview of how the UNH-IOL Fast Ethernet and Gigabit Ethernet Consortia create the cable plants that are used during InterOperability testing for 1000BASE-T devices.

December 10, 2004 Tutorials
IEEE 1588 tutorial (slide deck, from 2005)

John Eidson's general overview of the technology, the standard, and applications, plus other topics. Hosted at NIST. This regards only PTP version 1. (Version 2 is from 2008.)

June 27, 2012 External Links
IEEE 802.1 Bridging Overview UNH-IOL Bridge Functions Consotium

This presentation provides a basic overview of IEEE 802.1 Bridging, and related technologies.

June 27, 2012 Tutorials
IEEE 802.1 Website

The official IEEE website reference.

June 27, 2012 External Links