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Testing The Limits: TSN and SPE Updates (April 2022) Bob Noseworthy

Join UNH-IOL's Bob Noseworthy in our discussion centered around IEEE 802.1, specific to Time Sensitive Networking (TSN) and IEEE 802.3 Single Pair Ethernet. Sync up with UNH-IOL’s status and development plans and join in to share your needs. This is an open forum, so come prepared to share your ideas and expect the following IOL updates:

  • Update on the IEEE-SA 1588 Power Profile Certification Program
  • Summary of ongoing TSN profile work
  • Upcoming Plugfest Events at the IOL, including:
    • O-RAN Alliance Plugfest to include S-Plane testing aka “Synchronization Plane” as well as ITU-T 8275.1/.2 conformance test capability with industry partners
    • Ethernet Alliance High Speed Networking Plugfest
  • Live Q&A with open discussion
Tutorials June 28, 2022
Testing The Limits: TSN and SPE Updates (Feb 2022) Bob Noseworthy & Griffin Leclerc

Join UNH-IOL's Bob Noseworthy in our discussion centered around IEEE 802.1, specific to Time Sensitive Networking (TSN) and IEEE 802.3 Single Pair Ethernet. Sync up with UNH-IOL’s status and development plans and join in to share your needs. Our format is new and open, but come prepared to share your ideas and expect the following IOL updates:

  • SPE, APL and TSN validation efforts and progress from IEEE 802 January interims
  • Status on NSF I/UCRC Center for Digital Factory Innovation with UNH, Georgia Tech and NCSU
  • Timing Security: 1588/PTP Security & NTP NTS
  • IEEE Certification for 1588
  • Summary of ongoing TSN profile work
Tutorials April 6, 2022
Testing the Limits: TSN and SPE Validation Updates (Feb 2023) Bob Noseworthy & Jason Sisk

Join UNH-IOL's Bob Noseworthy & Jason Sisk in a discussion centered around IEEE 802.1, specific to Time Sensitive Networking (TSN) and IEEE 802.3 Single Pair Ethernet. Hear updates from the IEEE 802.1 and .3 Plenary, 10BASE-T1L and 10BASE-T1S Status, IEEE 1588 Certification, and more.

Webinars February 15, 2023
Testing TRILL (TRansparent Interconnect for Lots of Links) Christina Dube

The University of New Hampshire InterOperability Laboratory (UNH-IOL) hosted its second TRansparent Interconnect of Lots of Links (TRILL) Interoperability Test Event the week of November 26 – December 1, 2012 at its 32,000+ square-foot facility in Durham, New Hampshire. The test event brought together implementers of TRILL as well as test equipment manufacturers that support TRILL. The purpose of the test event was to gain a perspective on the current status of TRILL implementation and interoperability. Participants included Hewlett-Packard Networking, Extreme Networks, Ixia and Spirent Communications.

White Papers February 18, 2013
Testing Triple Play Services and Security in Enterprise Networks Wireless, Bridge Functions, and VoX Consortiums

Testing scenarios, caveats and issues encountered in testing converged or "triple play" (voice, video, data) services and security in converged enterprise-class deployment scenarios.

White Papers May 4, 2005
The Current State of USGv6 and IPv6 Ready Logo Michayla Newcombe & Timothy Carlin

Learn about the latest information pertaining to USGv6 Revision 1 (USGv6-r1) and IPv6 Ready Logo. Testing is available now for USGv6-r1. Starting in November 2022 buyers will no longer be able to accept SDoCs for the previous revision of the profile. The UNH-IOL's accredited testing can test your products for USGv6-r1 and IPv6 Ready Logo.

Tutorials August 9, 2021
The Ethernet Effect: Collaboration, Interoperability, and Adoption of New Technologies Seamus Crehan, George Kimura, Eric Lynskey and Chris Volpe

Representing the first public summary of objective, multi-vendor Ethernet conformance and interoperability testing conducted over an extended period. This whitepaper summarizes seven years of Fast and Gigabit Ethernet testing data gathered through the end of 2005, including test reports from 900 individual products representing several hundred companies.

White Papers January 1, 2006
The Extended Sockets Interface for Accessing RDMA Hardware Dr. Robert Russell

The Extended Sockets API (ES-API) is a specification published by the OpenGroup that defines extensions to the
traditional socket API which include two major new features: asynchronous I/O, and memory registration. These
features enable programmers to take advantage of today's
multi-core processors and Remote Direct Memory Access
(RDMA) network hardware, such as iWARP and InfiniBand interfaces, in a convenient yet efficient manner.
This paper describes the UNH EXS interface, an implementation of the ES-API that provides additional API
facilities which enable a programmer to utilize RDMA network hardware while selectively choosing those features of
this interface that are most germane to the particular application. In addition, the UNH EXS interface is implemented
entirely in user space on the Linux operating system. This
provides easy porting, modification and adoption of UNH EXS, since it requires no changes to existing Linux kernels.
Preliminary results demonstrate that applications based on
EXS can achieve high bandwidth utilization and low CPU

White Papers December 7, 2012
The History of BASE-T Ethernet Curtis Donahue, Michael Klempa

Learn about the history of BASE-T Ethernet and how the technology evolved over time including adjustments to technology, all in this downloadable info graphic. 

Tutorials September 14, 2017
The OCP NIC 3.0 Fixture & What is Means for Datacenters

The Open Compute Project (OCP) in conjunction with the UNH-IOL, has projects underway to integrate and validate new form factors for using PCIe in servers to address server needs. Let’s now review the limitations typically faced by server manufacturers, such as thermal considerations, connector size, and data rates, and solutions to these limitations in this interview with David Woolf and Mike Klempa at the lab.

External Links December 12, 2019
Time Sensitive Networking (TSN) Overview Bob Noseworthy

Not familiar with TSN? Refer to the following overview summarizing activities and materials from Michael Johas Teener (IEEE 802.1 TSN Chair), Dr Edward Lee (UC Berkley), and numerous other parties, conferences and events.

Get involved!

Tutorials January 13, 2016
Timing Challenges in the Smart Grid Jason Allnutt, Dhananjay Anand, Douglas Arnold, Allen Goldstein, Ya-Shian Li-Boboud, Aaron Martin, Cuong Nguyen, Bob Noseworthy, Ravi Subramaniam, Marc Weiss

Correct time and timing is one of the foundational elements in enabling the communication and orchestration of technologies for accurate and optimal wide area monitoring, protection and control (WAMPAC) in the power industry. The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) and the International Electrical and Electronic Engineer-Standard Association (IEEE-SA) conducted a workshop to gather inputs from stakeholders to identify, analyze, and provide guidance on technologies, standards and methodologies for addressing the practical timing challenges that are currently being experienced in wide area time synchronization. 

External Links March 20, 2017
TR-069 - A Crash Course Jason Walls, Tim Sheehan

A detailed overview of the CPE WAN Management Protocol as specified in Broadband Forum Technical Report 069 and related documents

Tutorials December 21, 2009
Transparent Interconnection of Lots of Links (TRILL) Deployment Nears UNH-IOL

An exciting milestone on the road to TRILL deployment occurred from August 3rd to 5th 2010 at the University of New Hampshire InterOperability Laboratory (UNH-IOL), as a group of companies attended the first multi-vendor TRILL plugfest. The plugfest was successful in demonstrating interoperability between TRILL devices. It was a first step towards wide deployment of TRILL and valuable knowledge for increasing TRILL interoperability was gained through the event.

White Papers June 26, 2012
Transparent Interconnection of Lots of Links (TRILL): An Overview and Research Opportunities David Bond

This presentation provides a high level overview and introduction to TRILL, and related technologies.

Tutorials June 26, 2012
Tutorial: The Time-Synchronization Standard from the AVB/TSN suite IEEE STd 802.1AS-2011 and following Kevin Stanton, Intel

This presentation provides an overview of clock and time synchronization across heterogeneous networks using the published standards:
- IEEE Std 802.1AS(TM)-2011 and
- IEEE Std 802.11(TM)-2012 Timing Measurement

With special focus on wireless / 802.11 links

External Links July 17, 2014
Understanding Digital Subscriber Line Technology Thomas Starr, John M. Cioffi, Peter J. Silverman

From the back cover: "The basic infrastructure for the global broadband network of the future is already in place in most homes and offices. Ordinary telephone lines can provide low-cost, high volume access to the exploding world of telecommunications services that users increasingly rely on. Now, leading experts in the field hve come together to share their insights in a single volume, explaining the past, present, and future of all the DSL technologies."

Recommended Textbooks June 26, 2012
UNH-IOL CE Router March 2011 Whitepaper UNH-IOL

The University of New Hampshire InterOperability Laboratory (UNH-IOL) recently hosted an interoperability test event focusing on Customer Edge (CE) router IPv6 device capability. The testing documented during this event took place during the week of February 14th through 18th 2011.

White Papers March 17, 2011
UNH-IOL CE Router November 2011 Whitepaper UNH-IOL

The University of New Hampshire InterOperability Laboratory (UNH-IOL) hosted its third IPv6 Customer Edge (CE) Router Interoperability Test Event the week of November 7-11, 2011.

White Papers December 13, 2011
UNH-IOL Forum for TSN and SPE Validation Updates (Dec) Bob Noseworthy & Jason Sisk

Learn about recent updates centered around IEEE 802.1, specific to Time Sensitive Networking (TSN) and IEEE 802.3 Single Pair Ethernet. This month's forum covers the following topics for 10BASE-T1S Plugfest, IEEE Plenary Bangkok and 1000BASE-T1 and Multigig Updates.

Webinars December 15, 2022
UNH-IOL NVMe® Development & Future Roadmap Webinar Carter Snay & James Kahn

We cover the following updates/items:

  • Roadmap & Future Development
  • Key Value • ZNS / Other Transports
  • NVMe® Test Plan Updates
  • Latest Features for IOL INTERACT™, our NVMe® testing software
  • RLM and Updated IOL INTERACT™ GUI
Webinars November 3, 2022
UNH-IOL Webinar: NVMe™ Plugfest #18 Webinar Carter Snay & James Kahn

Please join UNH-IOL’s Carter Snay, Technical Manager & James Kahn, Software Development Manager both in Data Center Technologies on this webinar as they discuss:

  • Test Plan 18.0
  • NVMe-MI Updates
  • Test updates to published ECN's
Webinars October 11, 2022
UNH-IOL Webinar: The Introduction to Broadband Forum WiFi Performance Testing Lincoln Lavoie

Please join UNH-IOL’s Senior Engineer, Lincoln Lavoie, on this webinar as he discusses expanded WiFi testing capabilities based on the Broadband Forum’s WT-398 test plan, a set of industry-agreed upon performance testing metrics for WiFi systems that enable service providers to differentiate service offerings and assure wireless quality of service for customers. 

Tutorials May 31, 2018
UNH-IOL, OPEN Alliance target 100 Mbps Ethernet for cars

The University of New Hampshire InterOperability Laboratory (UNH-IOL) in partnership with the OPEN Alliance Special Interest Group (SIG) on Monday unveiled the Automotive Ethernet Consortium.

This consortium is charged with testing and promoting BroadR-Reach, a 100 Mbps Ethernet connectivity specification for the automotive industry. UNH-IOL will be the first lab to conduct tests on the emerging standard.

External Links January 2, 2013
US Frequency Allocation Chart US Dept. of Commerce

The United States Commerce Department's National Telecommunications and Information Administration (NTIA) spectrum chart, dated October 2003, depicts the radio frequency spectrum allocations to radio services operated within the United States.

External Links October 1, 2003