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Testing the Limits (Oct 2023) Bob Noseworthy & Jason Sisk

Watch the latest Testing the Limits Series. Hear the latest updates on IEEE 802.1 for TSN and IEEE 802.3 for SPE. Covering information on the upcoming 2023 10BASE-T1S Plugfest, MultiGBase-T1 testing, PHY-C, and more.

Webinars October 18, 2023
UNH-IOL Forum for TSN and SPE Validation Updates (Dec) Bob Noseworthy & Jason Sisk

Learn about recent updates centered around IEEE 802.1, specific to Time Sensitive Networking (TSN) and IEEE 802.3 Single Pair Ethernet. This month's forum covers the following topics for 10BASE-T1S Plugfest, IEEE Plenary Bangkok and 1000BASE-T1 and Multigig Updates.

Webinars December 15, 2022
Making Auto-Negotiation & Link Training Reliable and Why It Matters Kae Dube, UNH-IOL & Joshua Harsch & Craig Foster, Teledyne LeCroy Learn about Auto-Negotiation (ANEG) and Link Training (LT) by looking at common issues folks may run into during testing. Successful ANEG and LT have shown to reduce overall installation time while minimizing the risk of ongoing mistakes. This video will cover an introduction to ANEG: Why it’s used and how it's implemented, how ANEG reduces time for manual configuration and minimizes 'mistakes' and much more! Tutorials August 31, 2022
10BASE-T Medium Attachment Unit

An overview of the 10BASE-T Medium Attachment Unit.

Tutorials July 5, 2012
Clause 28 Auto-Negotiation

A brief tutorial the covers the basics behind Clause 28:Auto-Negotiation.

Tutorials June 29, 2012
Ethernet Alliance - Marketing Organization for IEEE

Resource to find information about current and future Ethernet technologies.

External Links June 29, 2012
Ethernet Evolution Hadriel Kaplan and Bob Noseworthy

This is an all encompassing overview of Ethernet technologies, from 10Meg to 10Gig and how it all works.

Originally presented at the 2001 Network+Interop even in Atlanta.

Tutorials June 29, 2012
BER Testing: How Many Bits Are Enough? Andy Baldman

The purpose of this article is to discuss the concept of Bit Error Ratio testing, and will explain, using a minimum amount of math, the answer to the fairly common question: "How many bits do I need to send in order to verify that a devices exceeds a given BER?"

Theses June 29, 2012
Useful Acronyms

A brief list of acronyms used in the Ethernet, Fast Ethernet, Gigabit Ethernet, 10Gigabit Ethernet and Power over Ethernet consortia.

Tutorials June 29, 2012
Networking Tutorials Lantronix

A series of networking tutorials focused on Ethernet technology.

Tutorials June 29, 2012
Ethernet Technologies Cisco Systems

Overview of internetworking basics and technologies, provided by Cisco Systems.

External Links June 20, 2012
Clause 40 Auto-Crossover White Paper Matthew Hersh

A brief tutorial that covers the basics behind the Clause 40 Automatic MDI/MDI-X Configuration.

Tutorials April 18, 2006
The Ethernet Effect: Collaboration, Interoperability, and Adoption of New Technologies Seamus Crehan, George Kimura, Eric Lynskey and Chris Volpe

Representing the first public summary of objective, multi-vendor Ethernet conformance and interoperability testing conducted over an extended period. This whitepaper summarizes seven years of Fast and Gigabit Ethernet testing data gathered through the end of 2005, including test reports from 900 individual products representing several hundred companies.

White Papers January 1, 2006
Clause 28 Auto-Negotiation Basic Introduction Matthew Hersh

View this for a basic introduction to Copper and Fiber Ethernet Auto-Negotiation.

Tutorials August 5, 2005
How to Make Cable Plants Jon Beck and Austin Boech

An overview of how the UNH-IOL Fast Ethernet and Gigabit Ethernet Consortia create the cable plants that are used during InterOperability testing for 1000BASE-T devices.

Tutorials December 10, 2004
EFM OAM Tutorial Kevin Daines

Tutorial generated by the IEEE EFM task force.

Tutorials March 1, 2004
Clause 28 & 40 Auto-Negotiation: An Introduction to the Auto-Negotiation process Jeff Lapak

A brief introduction to auto-negotiation created by the UNH-IOL.

Tutorials January 1, 2004