Testing The Limits: TSN and SPE Updates (Feb 2022)

Join UNH-IOL's Bob Noseworthy in our discussion centered around IEEE 802.1, specific to Time Sensitive Networking (TSN) and IEEE 802.3 Single Pair Ethernet. Sync up with UNH-IOL’s status and development plans and join in to share your needs. Our format is new and open, but come prepared to share your ideas and expect the following IOL updates:

  • SPE, APL and TSN validation efforts and progress from IEEE 802 January interims
  • Status on NSF I/UCRC Center for Digital Factory Innovation with UNH, Georgia Tech and NCSU
  • Timing Security: 1588/PTP Security & NTP NTS
  • IEEE Certification for 1588
  • Summary of ongoing TSN profile work
Test Service: 
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Industrial Networking Testing Services
Bob Noseworthy & Griffin Leclerc