Accelerate 1588/PTP and TSN Testing with UNH-IOL vIOLett® Software

vIOLett® is a family of software packages used to test a product’s conformance to common protocols used in Time Sensitive Networking (TSN). There are vIOLett packages to test 1588, including Telecom and Power Profile, gPTP, MRP, MSRP, MVRP, and CBS. In addition, vIOLett is used to test products for the Avnu Certification Program, including Bridges, Pro AV or Milan Endstations, and Automotive devices. Learn how this tool can help identify areas of improvement during the development process and automate testing, reducing time to market and increasing your product’s reliability. In this presentation, industry experts, Bob Noseworthy and Daroc Alden, UNH-IOL, will review key features of vIOLett and what it means for your TSN testing. 

Test Service: 
Automotive Ethernet Testing Services
Avnu Certification Testing Services
IEEE 1588 Testing Services
Industrial Networking Testing Services
Bob Noseworthy & Daroc Alden