Alphawave TechTalk: The Future of Interconnect IP and Chiplets

Tuesday, October 11, 2022 - 2:00pm

Join the IOL as we host UNH-IOL Alumni Mike Klempa, EE '13 '17G,  and current Product Marketing Specialist at Alphawave IP for an upcoming TechTalk: The Future of Interconnect IP and Chiplets. Overview below:

The economic benefits of keeping up with Moore’s Law are diminishing as the industry continues to develop smaller process nodes. Yet datacenters, specifically hyperscalers, are driving an ever-increasing demand for bandwidth and compute power. As chip designers struggle with Moore’s Law to meet the connectivity demand and requirements of modern-day processors, the concept and technology of Chiplets has been adopted to reduce cost; by 2025 it’s expected to be ubiquitous, driven by a heterogeneous Chiplet design from SerDes IP vendors such as Alphawave IP participating in an open ecosystem. SerDes designs not only need to be faster, achieving signaling speeds up to 224Gbps,  but smarter, via Chiplets, to combine various chip functions and find the right balance between bandwidth throughput, real estate, and power.    

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