IOL INTACT ® Release Webinar

Tuesday, August 13, 2019 - 1:00pm to 2:00pm

Register today for the IOL INTACT® webinar. You will learn about the latest features for release including:

  • Compatible with future RFC 8200 updates: INTACT is ready to run the latest scripts for the RFC 8200 updates
  • Support for DPDK: Now supports DPDK for testing of high-speed interfaces
  • Redesigned GUI: We redesigned the GUI for a more seamless experience with fewer pop-up windows
  • Multiple Sessions: Use multiple sessions to review testing. If you have multiple license seats, you can now run testing on multiple devices in parallel
  • Additional CLI capabilities: The CLI is now fully featured which means the GUI is no longer required for initialization. The entirety of the INTACT ecosystem can be run in a headless environment
  • REST API: INTACT now offers a REST API which allows for seamless continuous integration. The API was built using the openapi specification so generating clients to interface with the API is painless