Broadband Forum Virtual Plugfest

Monday, December 7, 2015 - 8:50am to Monday, October 31, 2016 - 5:00pm


The University of New Hampshire InterOperability Laboratory's (UNH-IOL) Consortium will be hosting the Broadband Forum Virtual Interoperability Plugfest, on an ongoing basis beginning December 7, 2015. Participation is open to all companies developing products supporting The equipment will be hosted in the UNH-IOL's Durham, NH USA facility, while participants remotely connect to their equipment to perform testing.

Specific questions not addressed here should be communicated to Lincoln Lavoie, Senior Engineer at +1-603-674-2755 or through our Contact Us page.

Registration Information

This is an official Broadband Forum event, your company MUST be a member of the Broadband Forum to participate and gain access to the required test documents. For more information, visit

The UNH-IOL and Broadband Forum are distinct organizations. The UNH-IOL is hosting this event on behalf of the Broadband Forum.  Companies who are members University of New Hampshire InterOperability Laboratory's Consortium may participate in this virtual plugfest.  Due to the overhead and continuous nature of the plugfest, a non-member option is not available for this specific event.

To register participation in the virtual plugfest, please email Lincoln Lavoie, with the following information:

  • Primary Contact Name, Email, and Phone Number
  • Equipment being registered (CPE/DPU, model, and chipset)

The UNH-IOL will maintain an private mailing list for plugfest participants to use for broadcast communications.  The UNH-IOL will periodically provide an updated contact list of all participants, allowing for private communications between participants (if required).  The equipment list below will only be updated once equipment received by the UNH-IOL and is available for testing.



Currently Registered Companies and Equipment

Company Equipment Provided
Broadcom FTU-R & FTU-O
HiSilicon FTU-O
Metanoia Communications FTU-R(MT5321) & FTU-O(MT5321)
Qualcomm FTU-O
Sckipio FTU-O & FTU-R


Non-Disclosure Agreement

The Broadband Forum Non-Disclosure Agreement must be signed by all participating companies, and must be on file prior to participation in the Plugfest. The Broadband Forum Plugfest NDA for 2015 covers all Broadband Forum Plugfests held from January 1, 2016 to December 31, 2016. Companies that have already signed the 2016 Broadband Forum Plugfest NDA (their NDA's are already on file with the the Broadband Forum) need not sign it again until January 1, 2017, at which time a new Plugfest NDA will be issued. A list of companies that have already signed the most recent version of the 2016 Broadband Forum Plugfest NDA is included below.

Completed NDA forms should be faxed to Lincoln Lavoie at +1-603-862-4181, or reach out through our Contact Us page. Specific questions regarding the content of the NDA should be forwarded to Christine Corby of the Broadband Forum at +1-510-492-4023 or via email

Formal Test Plan

The test plan for this event is Broadband Forum OD-335. Note, your company must be a member of the Broadband Forum and you must have a working Broadband Forum login to access this test plan.

Please note, participants will only be given remote control / access to their own equipment.  The UNH-IOL will coordinate a physical connection (twisted pair) between the equipment of two participants at their agreed date / time.  Participants will be responsible for communication between one another, via email or telephone.  Changes to the physical setup will only be available during normal UNH-IOL business hours (8:00 to 18:00 EST).

Equipment Shipping Information

Companies shipping equipment to the UNH-IOL are required to cover all shipping and customs/duties costs. Failure to do so will require the University of New Hampshire InterOperability Laboratory to bill the participating company for any outstanding shipping and customs/duties charges plus a one hundred dollar ($100.00 USD) handling fee.

Please be aware that, due to the fact we do not have a direct loading dock, there may be additional freight charges for which you will also be responsible.

The following shipping address MUST be used:

Broadband Forum/UNH-IOL Plugfest
Attn: Lincoln Lavoie
21 Madbury Rd, Suite 100
Durham, NH 03824
Tel: +1-603-862-0090


  • No collect shipments will be accepted, and all shipping fees, including U.S. Customs charges, are the responsibility of the shipper. UNH-IOL will NOT pay for U.S. Customs charges, and prepayment of Customs charges is required.
  • Please remember that international shipments must be cleared through U.S. Customs, which could take up to a week of additional time in shipping.
  • Equipment presently housed at the UNH-IOL facility will be available for use during the Plugfest, provided that it is registered prior to the event.

Press Releases

This event is facilitated by the UNH-IOL for the Broadband Forum. Due to the technical goals and confidentiality of these plugfests, no participants may issue a press release regarding their participation or results. It is the sole responsibility of the Broadband Forum to issue any press releases regarding this event.