This FAQ is designed to answer questions regarding the policies of the UNH-IOL 1588 Testing Services


What is the UNH-IOL 1588 Testing Service?

The UNH-IOL 1588 Testing Service is a division of the University of New Hampshire Interoperability Laboratory that focuses on testing and implementing IEEE 1588 with members and industry in such a way that diverse systems and organizations have the opportunity to work together.

Like other UNH-IOL Testing Services, 1588 is fully funded by our member companies that are industry leaders who have shown a commitment to the interoperability of 1588 technologies and have agreed to contribute to the 1588 test bed.


What standards are you testing?

The UNH-IOL 1588 Consortium is developing test suites to address the following IEEE standards: 802.1AS and 1588.


How much does it cost?

Full membership in the 1588 Testing Servie is $18,000 USD for a full year, which covers the costs of research, development, and testing services provided by the UNH-IOL. This fee provides a full year of testing as often as our scheduling policy allows. Members must also provide at least one device to the 1588 Test Bed, which ensures that the group maintains a viable and useful test bed of representative devices across the industry.


What are the membership benefits?

The 1588 Testing Service offers the following benefits to our members:

  • Industry recognized third party verification of your products
  • Full access to one of the most well-equipped and recognized networking labs in the world
    • Access to the active test bed
    • Knowledgeable and friendly staff
    • Assistance in duplicating and solving issues seen in the field
  • Access to our comprehensive testing services
    • Extensive interoperability and conformance test suites
    • Fully customizable test procedures and test environment
    • Industry recognized test reports and expert feedback
  • Remote access (24/7) to your device(s) from anywhere in the world
  • Free participation in Plugfests hosted by the 1588 Testing Service
  • Low cost
    • Full access to all services for a single annual membership fee
  • Extensive marketing and promotional resources
    • Creation of whitepapers and press releases
    • Increased coverage through our website and use of our logo

How do I become a member?

Becoming a member of the UNH-IOL is a simple process: online membership form, payment, and provision of a platform. Detailed information about becoming a member of the 1588 Testing Service could be found at "Join the UNH-IOL" page.


Do you offer certification?

No. The UNH-IOL is not a certification body and does not provide certification of any kind. However, other organizations may choose to use our reports as evidence for certification purposes.


Do I need to be present during scheduled testing?

No. Attendance is not required in order for us to perform scheduled testing. However, members who attend often find it easier to troubleshoot interoperability issues as they are discovered. Members who attend are not limited to our test suites; they are welcome and encouraged to perform their own testing utilizing our test bed as an extension of their own in-house test lab.


Who will see the results of the testing performed on my product?

Confidentiality of results is of the utmost importance to us. All test results are documented in formal UNH-IOL test reports which are provided solely to the members whose devices are tested. Results are not shared among consortium members, and are not publicly released by the UNH-IOL.

Report recipients are free to distribute copies of their test reports at their discretion, provided they adhere to the guidelines described in Section 6.2.1 of the UNH-IOL Usage Agreement.


Is there an additional fee for members to perform testing?

No, as long as the testing is scheduled using our normal scheduling procedure. Members test for free, as often as they wish, as scheduling allows.

If a test is needed sooner than scheduling will allow, a member may request an "overtime" test for a flat fee. This test will be performed over the weekend that the request is made, and the reports issued the following Monday.