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SIPconnect PCSim2 Scripts

The SIPconnect 1.1. Certification testing is accomplished using scripts developed by UNH-IOL for the PCSim2 Testing Platform. Most of the configuration and setup needed to run the testing has already been done for you on the remote testing platform. This page will help fill in some of the details, and will serve as an eventual FAQ for operating the tool.


You will need to Remote Desktop in the UNH-IOL server running the PCSim2 tool. You can get the access details by contacting UNH-IOL. When you login, you will find the PCSim2 shortcut located on the desktop.


PCSim2 can use .bat files to load configs and scripts for different setups. Batch files are used to load up scripts and configuration files. The following contain relevant scripts for SIP-PBX Registration and Static modes and SP-SSE Registration and Static modes:

Excel templates in the same folder are also provided to create the device configuration for TCP/UDP. Pcftcp.xlsx and pcfudp.xlsx are platform configuration files for PCSim2. These mostly dictate config variables for the simulated devices. The dut.xlsx controls all the variables for the device under test. The following tables detail the important fields and the suggested contents:

DUT Configuration File
Field Value

The DUT's IP address.

domain The DUT's IP address or Host Name.
transport TCP/UDP
phone lines Count of phone numbers.
phone number 1 Phone number expected on the DUT side.
phone number 2 Phone number expected on the DUT side.
username Incoming authentication packets.
password Incoming authentication packets.

Platform Configuration File
Field Value
pui Request URI Host Part
username Outgoing authentication packets.
password Outgoing authentication packets.
phone number 1 Phone number expected on PCSim2 side.
phone number 2 Second phone number expected on PCSim2 side.
domain sip-conn-test.iol.unh.edu
FQDN sip-conn-test.iol.unh.edu
domain sip-conn-test.iol.unh.edu
prui sip-conn-test.iol.unh.edu

Open PCSim2 and File->Open to pick a .bat file to load the configs. These should be located in Desktop\PCSim2\bin.

You can also load the configs that you edited and click File->Save As to save a new .bat file specifically for your device.

If changes are made to a config, it must be reloaded through PCSim2. The easiest way to do this is to reopen a .bat file.