SIPconnect 1.1 Certification


UNH-IOL and the SIP Forum have collaborated in developing the SIPconnect 1.1 Certification Program. Testing the requirements of the SIPconnect 1.1 Technical Recommendation, both Enterprise Network equipment vendors and Service Providers can demonstrate compliance and become eligible to display the certification mark.


SIPconnect 1.1 Technical Recommendation
SIPconnect 1.1 Certification Test Plan


UNH-IOL SIPconnect Test Service Agreement (PDF)


SIPconnect 1.1 Certification testing is conducted by UNH-IOL using scripts developed for the PCSim2 SIP Testing Tool, a testing tool originally developed by CableLabs.  See below for different options for obtaining certification.


The first step for obtaining SIPconnect 1.1 certification is to complete the official SIPconnect Certification Testing Program application form.
For a detailed look at the entire process, you may view and/or download a program Process Overview diagram.
Once the application is approved by the SIP Forum, the associated SIP Forum SIPconnect Certification Testing Program License Agreement and UNH-IOL SIPconnect Test Service Agreement are competed and submitted, and the testing fee has been paid, testing can be scheduled and pre-testing may commence if desired. After testing has been completed, an official IOL report will be made available and may optionally be submitted to the SIP Forum for certification consideration.


The UNH-IOL has made an instance of the PCSim2 tool and the SIPconnect 1.1 scripts available for pre-testing.  Pre-testing is available for vendors and service providers who have reserved future SIPconnect 1.1 Certification testing with UNH-IOL.  The tool may be accessed remotely to test a device located either on site at the IOL, or at the vendor facility.

Remote Testing

A Remote Testing option is available to facilitate testing of devices and services that cannot easily be shipped to the UNH-IOL.