The Evolution of Power for Single Pair Ethernet

10 years ago, in IEEE 802.3, a working group of standard specifications for Ethernet, issued a Call for Interest or CFI to propose a new Ethernet powering solution called “Power over Data Lines” (PoDL). This new standard was designed to improve upon 1000BASE-T1, another Ethernet standard that had just been introduced, which offered gigabit speeds over a single copper twisted pair, instead of the typical four-pair category cabling used in previous Ethernet standards.

PoDL and 1000BASE-T1 both benefit the...

The UNH InterOperability Lab Launches Single Pair Power over Ethernet and Power over Data Lines Conformance Testing


DURHAM, N.H., November 16, 2023 – The University of New Hampshire InterOperability Laboratory (UNH-IOL), an independent provider of broad-based testing and standards conformance services for the networking industry, today announced that Single Pair Power over Ethernet (SPoE) & Power over Data Lines (PoDL) conformance testing are now available. Both testing services include the latest requirements in the IEEE 802.3 Clause 104. As part of the recently completed 802.3cg project, UNH-IOL SPoE testing includes additional powering classes for 10BASE-T1L ports....