What our interns have to say…

"Looking back upon the past seven weeks I feel fortunate for the opportunity to get the hands-on experience doing real-world work that most students my age don’t even know about. The internship has been so valuable to me in helping me to learn about not only myself and what I may be interested in but it has helped me to learn about the technology sector."

Grayson Tuttle - Summer '15

"The lab environment has been different from a high school environment, most significantly in the fact that I am always expected to be doing productive work, never busy work or fruitless projects. My experience so far has been fantastic. This internship has enabled me to explore many careers in technology that I didn't know existed or didn't know much about. It has definitely been a steep learning curve and extraordinarily fast paced but the environment at the lab is supportive and I never feel that I am left out because of my age or inexperience.”

Cameron Morris - Summer '14

"I have learned so much working as an intern at the UNH-IOL. It was an awesome experience. I enjoyed both working in my consortium and going on site visits to learn about technologies that are on the market, to me of which I used during my work at the IOL. I would recommend a position at the IOL to anyone who is even the least bit interested in technology."

Emilee Gancarz - Summer '13