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More than 100 graduate and undergraduate student employees work with full-time UNH-IOL staff. If you are a college student and are interested in learning real-world technology, please review our job openings below.

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Test Technician 5 1/7/2016 Open until filled Apply Now

The UNH-IOL Student Advantage

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The UNH-IOL employees supplement their academic training by operating, testing and actually improving real products from Fortune 500 companies such as IBM, Microsoft, Cisco, Oracle, Intel, HP, Apple, Dell and many others. They rub elbows with seasoned engineers and executives in influential positions within major companies. They attend conferences and standards-body meetings all over the world. They use cutting edge equipment and technologies on a daily basis to solve tough and relevant real-world problems, gaining extensive experience that often translates into a smooth transition from college into the job market.

Photo of a student employee

The UNH-IOL model is unique; it is the only full-scale technology testing laboratory that is both industry-driven and university-based. No other academic institution offers such extensive hands-on experience with such a wide variety of developing technologies and products from so many dozens of companies. The UNH-IOL has been building a strong reputation throughout the networking industry since 1988. The laboratory's unique model and far-reaching reputation enable former employees to obtain jobs in very competitive environments, and UNH-IOL alumni routinely enter the industry in higher-level professional positions than candidates with a college degree alone.