EDSFF Integrators List

The EDSFF Integrator's List (IL) contains useful information about EDSFF SSD Products that UNH-IOL has performed interoperability and conformance testing for. Successful completion of such conformance tests when combined with satisfactory operation in UNH-IOL's interoperability tests provides a reasonable level of confidence that the Product Under Test will function properly in many EDSFF environments. UNH-IOL is happy to be collaborating with SNIA on the creation and maintenance of the EDSFF Integrators List.

EDSFF Integrator's List v1.0

EDSFF Devices

Company / Product Name Product Type Firmware Version PCIe Spec Version Data Rate Tested Form Factor Interop Program Revision Date Listed Further Info
Company Name, Model Name NVMe SSD FW1 4.0 16 Gbs E1.L v1.0 January 17, 2020 link