SATA Testing Services

We are an approved SATA-IO Independent Test Lab and our test reports can be used to submit a product to the SATA-IO Integrators List.

Currently, we offer the following SATA-IO test services for Host and Device products under the Revision 1.5 SATA-IO Interoperability Program that includes 6 Gbps products:

  • Phy
  • Digital
  • System Interop
  • Mechanical

In addition to SATA-IO testing, we offer additional conformance and interop test services based on the 3.0 SATA spec. These tests go beyond what is required by SATA-IO to further verify product conformance and interoperability.

Membership Fees

No annual membership options exist for this test service. Please view our Pay Per Test Fees instead.

Michael Klempa
SATA Contact

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