UFET (Universal FPGA based Ethernet Test System)

The UNH-IOL utilized a Xilinx FPGA to create a more flexible GMII/MII based test system. This system will be used by UNH-IOL personnel while performing tests for members of the Gigabit Ethernet Consortium in good standing with the UNH-IOL.

Please contact the Gigabit Ethernet Consortium if you would like any further information or have questions about the consortium or test tools.


  • Supports 10/100/1000 Mb/s
  • Supports both Full and Half Duplex modes
  • Ability to transmit arbitrary signals via the GMII or SFP cage on the test board
  • Execute complex triggers on the received data
  • Custom scripts and post processing


The UNH-IOL has developed the UFET System to test the IEEE 802.3 MAC, RS, and Flow Control  functions as well as both Clause 24 and 36 PCS on Ethernet devices.