DSL Test Tools

We developed a number of custom testing tools for the DSL Testing Service to help better serve our member companies. Some of these tools are available for license outside of the UNH-IOL.

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DSL Test Automation

We have developed an advanced DSL Test Automation software platform, capable of controlling both DSL equipment and test & measurement equipment.

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DSL Electrical Characteristics Testing

The DSL Electrical Characteristics Measurement Tool with the DSL Testing Service, has a general-purpose test tool to measure several electrical properties of DSL equipment. It allows the measurement of complex input impedance, longitudinal balance, return loss, attenuation, phase response, and group delay, and PSD mask conformance. It combines an easy-to-use graphical interface to a network analyzer with useful features to expedite and clarify data analysis.

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xDSL G.hs Protocol Analysis Tool

We developed the G.hs Protocol Analyzer for DSL testing to help member companies debug interoperability issues occurring during the initialization of the DSL link. The analyzer captures, demodulates, decodes, and displays all parts of G.hs, including start-up procedures, clear-down procedures, and message transactions.

G.hs Protocol Analyzer

Broadband Forum TR-127 Splitter Testing

The Broadband Forum TR-127 Ring Injection and Hook State Tool is a custom tool used to precisely inject ringing at various phase angles for specific time durations, as well as altering the hook state at various angles of ringing phase as required in the TR-127 test specification.

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