iSCSI Training Now Available

We offer a two-day training seminar for entry-level iSCSI implementers, starting with basic definitions and general operation, and finishing with a brief description of related protocols. Training sessions include hands-on activities with existing implementations, allowing participants to observe typical request/response exchanges, stage transitions, error handling, the use of various flags, and the effects of operational parameter negotiation. 

Topics Covered:

  • iSCSI History and Use Cases
  • General Operation Overview
  • Operational Parameter Negotiation
  • Additional PDU Types
  • PDU Sequencing
  • Security (CHAP)
  • Task Management
  • Error Recovery
  • Related Protocols (iSNS, iSER)

Training seminars are offered for current and non-members at our facility in Durham, NH. Please note this training seminar is an additional cost.

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