MIPI Test Fixtures Order Form

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You can use the form below to order test fixtures. We will contact you to confirm pricing and payment information. On the next page you can enter a shipping address and optionally a separate billing address.
MIPI D-PHY Reference Termination Board$4,000.00$0.00
MIPI C-PHY Reference Termination Board$5,000.00$0.00
MIPI TLIS Board$900.00$0.00
MIPI D-PHY Probing Board$600.00$0.00
MIPI P331 Probing Board$700.00$0.00
MIPI Capacitive Load Board$500.00$0.00
MIPI Soft Touch Probing Board$1,000.00$0.00

Shipping, customs, taxes and other fees must be paid for by the purchaser. Our prices are stated without taxes. Please contact us if you are required to withhold taxes in which we will gross up the fees to include the taxes. If paying via credit card, a non-refundable service charge of 2.75% will be added.