NVMe Plugfest #12 in Taiwan

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UNH-IOL and NVMe Org are happy to announce that the NVMe Plugfest #12 in Taiwan will be held January 2020. Exact date and location TBD. Registration will close October 4, 2019.

UNH-IOL NVMe members are able to register up to four attendees for the Plugfest for $2,000. Additional attendees will be an extra $500 per person. Non-member are invited to contact Kerry Munson for details on how to attend. If you have any questions about registering 5 or more attendees, please contact Kerry Munson.

Each company may register up to two products to be tested at the Plugfest. If you have additional products that you would like tested at the Plugfest they will be placed on a waiting list to ensure all members interested in participating have a fair chance to submit their products for testing. To place a product on the waiting list, please contact Kerry.

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