BACnet Testing Symposium

University of New Hampshire

October 6–7, 2018

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About the Symposium

The world’s first International BACnet Testing Symposium is a unique opportunity to learn about tools and technologies for BACnet testing while networking with experts from around the world. Thought leaders, technical experts, quality assurance engineers and highly experienced BACnet testing organizations will come together to review the state of the art and explore the future of BACnet testing.

The symposium will include a day and half of educational sessions, discussions and networking opportunities. Attendees will have the opportunity to talk with experts from Europe, North America, India and around the world, including Duffy O’Craven (BTL Manager), Emily Hayes (Chair of the BTL Working Group), Mike Osborne (Chair of SSPC-135) as well as Mike Newman, Steve Bushby and other founding members of the BACnet community.

Highlights of the Symposium will include:

Why Attend?

The International BACnet Testing Symposium is a unique opportunity to learn, share and connect with experts in BACnet product development and testing. If you are involved in BACnet product testing for quality assurance or BTL certification, or if you are engaged in test tool development or have an interest in BACnet product testing, this Symposium is for you!

Enhance your knowledge, further develop your skills, discover the latest methodologies and methods, and bring back to your team information to improve your testing processes and garner greater results.

Please note, all conference proceedings including sessions and printed and published materials, will be conducted in English.

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Photo of Tim Carlin
Tim Carlin
Senior Executive, Software Development, UNH-IOL

Photo of David Fisher
David Fisher
President, PolarSoft Inc.

Photo of Nils Fritz
Nils Fritz

Photo of Chris Howard
Chris Howard
Senior Test Engineer, Schneider Electric

Photo of Bhawna Kumari
Bhawna Kumari
Software Developer, Johnson Controls

Photo of Andy McMillan
Andy McMillan
President & Managing Director, BACnet International

Photo of H. Michael Newman
H. Michael Newman
Retired, Manager - Building Automation and Control System Integration, Cornell University

Photo of Duffy O’Craven
Duffy O’Craven
BTL Manager, BACnet International

Photo of Michael Osborne
Michael Osborne P.Eng
Firmware Manager / Chair ASHRAE SSPC 135 (BACnet)

Photo of Deepti Shete
Deepti Shete
Head Technology & Centre of Excellence, Softdel Systems

Photo of Trupti Shete
Trupti Shete
Program Manager, Softdel Systems

Photo of Japneet Singh
Japneet Singh
Software Test Engineer, Johnson Controls


The symposium will include a variety of sessions over a day and a half. Along with several keynote speakers to frame the past and future of BACnet testing, the symposium will include technical and test tool architectural sessions as well as educational sessions.

Remote Testing Architectures, Processes, and Pitfalls

This presentation will cover some of the different architectures used to tackle remote testing. Depending on these architectures, careful thought must be taken about what kind of traffic will be transferred, and across what types of administrative domains, as well as how to achieve a workable protocol connection.

About Tim Carlin

Tim Carlin is the UNH-IOL's Senior Executive of Software Development. In this role he leads a team of developers towards expanding the IOL’s software development capabilities and reach. He is an expert in a wide-range of networking technologies including IPv6, IPSec, RDMA, SIP, and BACnet. Tim is married with 2 young children and a dog and enjoys all things sporting and outdoors.

Conformance Testing vs. Integration Testing

This session will focus on a configurable, automated tool for testing BACnet system implementations for compliance with user-specified BACnet capability requirements. The philosophy and architecture of the tool will be discussed. In addition, the benefits of the tool to building owner/operators as well as system integrators will be described. A demonstration of the tool will be available during conference breaks.

About Nils Fritz

Fritz joined MBS GmbH back in 2003. After initially working on the development of universal gateways for building automation, he took on the role of Head Support Engineer in 2005. Fritz was assigned responsibility for the operational business of MBS GmbH in 2010. In this role, he coordinated support, marketing and sales activities, and managed the BACnet test laboratory. In 2016 he became CEO.

Statistics and Insights from Ten Years of Testing

This session will explore information gathered from 10 years of BTL testing. Data drawn from over 200 product tests will provide the basis for discussion of typical defect rates, most common implementation errors and test strategies for accelerated defect identification. This session will be of particular interest to BACnet product developers, QA engineers and test process managers.

About Duffy O‘Craven

38 years into a programming career, Duffy O'Craven still loves to make computers work better for people. He is a frequent contributor to the BTL working group and of SSPC proposals, oversees the world-wide BTL Testing program, and works regardless of the boundaries separating one day from the next, on seeing BACnet thrive.

Improving the Process from Application to Certification

A brief presentation on the existing process from Application to Certification including where the tests come from and your questions go to. This will be followed by an open, interactive discussion on what processes can be improved and how.

About Michael Osborne

When Michael joined Reliable Controls Corporation, he had never heard of BACnet but just six months later he attended his first BACnet Plugfest and has since attended every Plugfest. In January of 2007, Michael attended his first SSPC 135 Committee meeting in Dallas, Texas and in 2012 became the Committee Secretary. After three years as Secretary, Michael moved on to the Vice Chair position and on July 1, 2018 Michael started his three-year term as Chair of SSPC 135. In his spare time, Michael is actively involved in the proposed BACnet Secure Connect addendum (135-2016bj) and in resurrecting old furniture.

ACT (Automated Checklist Tool)

In the BTL testing process there is a need, as early as possible, for a completely valid and self-consistent expression of the functionality contained in the IUT. This expression is known as the Checklist.

In practice, typical devices exercise only small and isolated portions of the checklist, with little variation. Combining this reality with a short and dynamically posed questionnaire yields a more efficient checklist generation process—the Automated Checklist Tool (ACT).

About Tim Carlin

Tim Carlin is the UNH-IOL's Senior Executive of Software Development. In this role he leads a team of developers towards expanding the IOL’s software development capabilities and reach. He is an expert in a wide-range of networking technologies including IPv6, IPSec, RDMA, SIP, and BACnet. Tim is married with 2 young children and a dog and enjoys all things sporting and outdoors.

Automated Regression Testing for BACnet Products

Although BACnet has been in widespread use for a very long time, many manufacturers and designers of products that use BACnet struggle with managing the testing and verification of their products.

This paper will introduce and discuss a new low cost tool and underlying methodology for performing highly automated regression testing of BACnet features across a wide range of devices and functionality.

About David Fisher

David Fisher was a charter voting member of ASHRAE's SPC 135P and has been very active in the development of the BACnet Standard since its inception.

He has over 40 years of experience in real-time software human-interface design and distributed direct digital control systems. He attended Carnegie-Mellon University where he studied Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence.

The Importance of Interoperability Testing
About H. Michael Newman

Following 10 years in the aviation industry, Mike returned to Cornell to take charge of the University's computerized energy management and control system that now serves over 225 buildings with more than 1,278,000 sensor and control points. Mike retired as Manager of the Building Automation and Control Systems Integration group at Cornell in 2015.

Mike is both a Fellow and Life Member of ASHRAE, and has served on numerous committees including as chairman of SPC 135P which developed the BACnet® protocol. He has received ASHRAE's Standards Achievement Award, its Distinguished Service Award, and its Exceptional Service Award.

Mike continues to provide limited consulting and professional services and to participate in ASHRAE and ISO activities.

An Overview of BACnet Pre-Testing Tools

We will review and discuss the Pre-testing tools listed on the BACnet International website. The discussion will look to identify costs associated with each tool and how they can be used, in conjunction with the BTL Test Package, to effectively test a device for BACnet conformance.

About Chris Howard

Chris Howard is a Senior Test Expert, working the last eight years in Schneider Electric’s EcoBuilding Division. In his role, Chris assists development teams that are implementing BACnet for the first time often having no foreknowledge of BACnet. He provides them with support for their implementation choices, testing, and BTL Certification. A significant component of his role is educating other teams about the tools necessary to test and troubleshoot BACnet, so they can self-sustain their BACnet implementation in the future.

BACnet Testing in Pace with Emerging Technologies

Learning Objectives

  • The current testing procedures.
  • What parameters we're currently ignoring.
  • Challenges to be faced soon.
  • What we need.
About Bhawna Kumari

Bhawna, a computer science graduate from NSIT, India, is currently working as a software developer at Johnson Controls and also pursuing her Masters in Engineering. She has more than five years of experience working with embedded controllers and servers in the building automation domain.

About Japneet Singh

Japneet, currently working as a Software Test Engineer at Johnson Controls, has more than three years of experience in the field of BACnet protocol testing. A foundation-level ISTQB certified tester, Japneet's areas of interest include BACnet, Building Internet of Things, and testing tools.

Future of B-IoT Testing

In recent years, the Internet of Things (IoT) has created a revolution in the automation industry. Thousands of connected devices in a building means that an enormous amount of data must be analyzed to reduce energy and maintenance costs.

This session would cover the need and readiness of BACnet for IoT. It shall also address the challenges, security aspects, testing needs, and infrastructure changes required for testing BACnet IoT solutions.

About Deepti Shete

Deepti has over 15 years’ experience across the building automation and telecom segments. She has been an integral member of the Softdel and BACnet teams for over a decade. Her major contributions include architecting BOSS, Softdel’s BACnet Device Simulator and institutionalizing the BACnet academy at Softdel.

Power of the Hybrid Testing Approach

SoftDEL’s lab, which has been operating the global BACnet Test Laboratory (BTL) for BACnet International uses the hybrid testing approach to carry out compliance and interoperability testing. The hybrid testing approach involves a combination of manual as well as automation testing.

This session will throw some light on the benefits and challenges involved in the hybrid testing approach.

About Trupti Shete

Trupti began her career as an instrumentation engineer with a leading pump manufacturer in India, where she was responsible for executing large scale thermal power plant projects. Later she joined Softdel and has been associated with BACnet over 5 years. During her tenure she has grown from working as a test engineer to practice manager, where she is responsible for managing the entire operations of the BACnet Test Lab.


Saturday, October 6, 2018


Welcome Remarks

Andy McMillan
President & Managing Director, BACnet International

Keynote The Importance of Interoperability Testing

H. Michael Newman
BACnet committee chair 1987–2000

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The University of New Hampshire InterOperability Laboratory (UNH-IOL) tests networking and data communications products. Since 1988, the laboratory has fostered multi-vendor interoperability while preparing students for careers in the industry. The Symposium will be hosted at UNH Paul College on UNH Durham, NH campus.


Sheraton Portsmouth Harborside Hotel

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Transportation will be provided to and from UNH Durham



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