Profile: James Swan

Photo of James Swan

James Michael Swan has been with the UNH-IOL since 2005 and been the IT Manager since 2009. He has been named an IOL Star four times for his outstanding work ethic and contributions to the UNH-IOL's success.

His current roles and responsibilities consist of test plan and test tool development and serves as IT Manager to maintain the UNH-IOL Laboratory network, service, and facilities infrastructure.

In his time at the UNH-IOL, James has been involved in VoIP Testing and Development where he developed and executed test plans and test tools related to SIP, IPv6 and other protocols.  He has managed the VoIP Consortium and the Webcom Team.

James excels in his experience with Software Engineering, Systems and Network Administration, Voice over IP technologies, IPv6, and Wireless Sensor Networks.

James received his Bachelor's of Science Degree from the University of New Hampshire in Computer Science in 2007.

James is currently a member in The SIP Forum where he recently setup the network for the SIPit 31 event in Nice, France. He was also invited to speak at SIPNOC 2012 and ICDCN 2013 and had been published by Springer and Science Direct.